Red Light Holland (TRIP.C) launched their virtual telecounseling membership program today. The membership program is available on the company’s iMicrodose digital care app available in the Netherlands.

Virtual support will be given to adults looking to explore microdosing through Red Light Holland’s iMicrodose packs. With their consent, members can choose to share their app data and connect with Jeff Hamburg, a certified therapist and microdosing expert, via live virtual telecounseling.

“Red Light Holland is extremely proud to introduce virtual telecounseling, the use of digital information and communication technologies to help support the microdosing community. This is just another example of how we are promoting responsible use of our iMicrodose packs. This membership program will bring expert knowledge to the people in the Netherlands…I’m excited to have an experienced counselor like Jeff Hamburg connect with Red Light Holland consumers via telecounseling facilitating growth and wellbeing,” said Red Light Holland CEO and Director, Todd Shapiro

iMicrodose is accessible on a wide array of devices including phones, tablets and computers. Furthermore, the membership program will be integrated into the company’s iMicro Digital Care web app. Through this integration, the company hopes to create a new frontier for virtual psychedelic platforms.

“It’s thrilling to work with Red Light Holland, a company that is immediately building support structures for their customers. I’m excited to be able to offer my experience and knowledge on their consumer’s microdosing journey virtually through telecounseling on the iMicro Digital Care app,” said therapist and microdosing expert Jeff Hamburg

Red Light Holland will be offering two tiers of 3 month memberships. The company’s Growth Membership is priced at 75 euros and offers members bi-monthly online support group sessions led by Jeff Hamburg. Additionally, the membership includes textual consultation, a monthly microdosing and creativity event as well as discounts and special benefits.

The company’s Transform Membership is priced at 255 euros and is tailored for those looking for a personal experience. The membership offers one on one counselling with Jeff Hamburg as well as 5, hour long private sessions in addition to the benefits of the Growth Membership.

Short consultations for adults in the Netherlands will also be offered by Jeff Hamburg. However, members will be able to join online group sessions and community events. Needless to say, Red Light Holland’s membership program offers many benefits if you’re curious about microdosing and willing to meet their price tag.

Red Light Holland’s stock reached a high of $0.405 from an opening price of $0.39. The stock price dropped down to $0.385 but currently sits at $0.39.

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