MJardin Group (MJAR.C) completed its first recreational cannabis shipment to Alberta today, according to a press release.


The company is hoping to trade off of its customer-centric strategy to find success in Alberta. Their Canadian brand, Flint & Embers, and partner brand BLLRDR, bring two distinct offerings to Alberta.

“We are delighted that our cannabis brands will now be available to consumers in the province of Alberta – Canada’s second largest recreational cannabis market. Across Canada we are seeing customers migrate from the black market to the legal market, and as competitors come into the market, we continue to re-evaluate our offering to ensure we are exceeding industry expectations,” said Pat Witcher, MJardin Group CEO.

MJardin Group is a Canadian-based cannabis company with headquarters in Toronto and Denver respectively. Getting into Alberta gives them access to a rapidly developing market. It’s carrying half of the cannabis stores in Canada, and has the second-highest sales of legal cannabis in Canada—according to Statistics Canada—behind Ontario and overtaking British Columbia.


The strategy the company is looking to implement in Alberta is designed to give them the flexibility they need to develop each individual brnad with an eye towards defining their target audience for each. This expands to include product development intended to cast a stronger net across Canada.


The initial shipment introduces their Flint & Embers Hyperion strain, which is the company’s take on the GSC x Conspiracy Kush cultivar, the Flint & Embers Orion, which is their version of Whiteberry, and BLLRDR Afghani Bullrider and BLLRDR Wedding Cake.

Source: stockwatch.com

MJardin is up half a penny today and presently trading at $0.115.

—Joseph Morton

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Joseph Morton

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