Koios Beverage Corp. beverages will be made available at select Drug Emporium stores in Texas starting this month. These beverages include all five flavors of Koios nootropic drink and all four flavors of its functional beverage, Fit Soda.

…we believe that Drug Emporium’s decision to carry Koios and Fit Soda could be conducive to even further growth in the Southern states, as we continue our initiatives with an objective of building a brand footprint that spans the entire country. We look forward to seeing how Koios performs in Drug Emporium stores as we seek to make 2021 our most prosperous year yet,” said Koios chief executive officer Chris Miller

The company’s nootropic and Fit Soda products contain a combination of ingredients including lion’s mane mushroom, electrolytes and coconut MCT oil. This particular combination has been shown to improve immune health as well as mental drive.

Koios continues to focus on implementing its beverages within regional grocery chains. In doing so, the company hopes they will play a key role in accelerating market penetration in a given geographic region.

Currently, the company’s Fit Soda is carried in more than 100 HEB supermarkets in Texas. Furthermore, last week Koios announced that its nootropic beverage is to be added to all Matherne’s locations. To put things into a broader perspective, Koios products are currently sold in more than 4,000 stores across the United States.

Regarding Drug Emporium, the company fell into bankruptcy in 2001. It wasn’t until 2019 that they reopened with a customer centric business model. Seeking to gain the competitive advantage, the company carries products heavily influenced by customer requests. Due to this, their selection is both diverse and unique. By selling products at Drug Emporium stores, Koios hopes to expand their footprint across the country.

Koios Beverage Corp.’s stock rose to $0.165 at open, up from $0.155. The stock’s price currently sits at $0.17.

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Kieran Robertson

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