Zenabis Global (ZENA.T) to Release Multipack Pre-Rolls

Zenabis Global (ZENA.T) has launched its pre-roll multipacks and arranged new distribution agreements.

“Finalizing agreements with Cannabis NL and the government of Nunavut, which means making good on our promise of making our Namaste and Re-Up brands available from coast to coast to coast, is a benchmark moment for this organization. We continue to portray what a lean, nimble company that grows really, really good cannabis can achieve. The addition of the preroll multipack to our assortment builds on Re-Up’s brand purpose of providing affordable, high-THC products to our value-oriented customers,” stated Robert Maxwell, Zenabis’ vice-president, sales and marketing.

Zenabis has launched a new 10 and 20 multipack of indica and sativa 0.5-gram pre-rolls, building off of the Company’s popular value-oriented Re-Up portfolio. Initially, the multipacks will be available in Quebec and Alberta in their larger 20-pack format in early April. Shortly after the initial release, Zenabis is planning a national rollout of both size formats in time for 4/20 celebrations. Investors can expect to see the full impact of the launch in the Company’s Q2 2021 results.


The Company’s announced multipacks are catered towards consumers seeking better value for money and larger package sizes to reduce the frequency of purchases. The Company’s new products are based off the success of its popular 28-gram Re-Up indica/sativa products. The launch of Zenabis’ 10 and 20 multipacks is intended to support the Company’s strategy of leveraging its ability to deliver the quality and affordability expected from its customers. However, Zenabis’ is dedicated to meeting this expectation while also delivering on the top and bottom line performance anticipated by shareholders.


In addition to launching its pre-roll multipacks, Zenabis has also finalized agreements with Cannabis Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) as well as with the government of Nunavut. This signifies the completion of Zenabis’ goal of extending the availability of its Namaste and Re-Up products to all Canadian provinces and territories, marking a major milestone for the Company. Aside from being an incredible accomplishment, this demonstrates Zenabis’ commitment to providing unbiased product distribution throughout Canada regardless of distance and obstacles.


Shipments under these new agreements with NL and Nunavut are expected to commence in April. Furthermore, these agreement will solidify Zenabis’ position as one of the top recreational licensed producers in the country. Moreover, Zenabis will be joining a small, select group of Canadian licensed producers whose product quality and value have been recognized as a must-have, on-shelf product by every provincial and territorial board in Canada. Through its most recent accomplishments, Zenabis has seen positive growth reflected in its stock performance. Over the past 3 months, the Company has grown steadily and will likely experience a growth spurt following the release of its multipack pre-rolls.


Zenabis’ stock price opened at $0.13 and reached a peak of $0.135. The stock price has returned to and currently sits at $0.13.

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