Khiron (KHRN.V) is now the first Colombian medical cannabis company to export live cannabis clones to Europe. 

“Our experience in Colombia and Europe tells us that doctors require solid clinical evidence to feel confident that medical cannabis is the right treatment for their patients. By exporting our Colombian cannabis strains, we will be able to bring our Latin American extracts to European patients, resulting in wider choices for doctors, and safer, more efficacious patient outcomes. Additionally, this import provides an opportunity to accelerate speed to market, optimize our global diversified supply chain and maximize economics,” commented Tejinder Virk, President of Khiron Europe

When talking about clones, the first thing to cross our minds is either Star Wars or Dolly the sheep, bless her soul. However, cloning cannabis is far less complicated than you’d think. If you’re an experienced weed connoisseur or grow your own bud, chances are you’ve already cloned cannabis plants yourself. Briefly summarized, a cloned cannabis plant refers to the genetic copy of the “mother plant”. In doing so, the ‘offspring’ will also be female allowing growers to bypass the risk of producing a male plant via seeds. Unlike female cannabis plants, male plants do not produce psychoactive weed.

The successful export of its registered Colombian strains marks a significant milestone for Khiron. Khiron expects that this will accelerate their access to European markets as the Company executes on its asset light growth strategy in the United Kingdom and Germany. Additionally, through its EU-GMP certified supply chain partners in Europe, Khiron plans to introduce branded, cannabis-based medical products. These products will be based on those already distributed in Colombia and Peru.

Khiron’s medical cannabis product have created strong evidence to support their ability to provide alternative treatment for various ailments. Some of these ailments include chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and Parkinson’s Disease. Over the last year, over 13,000 written prescriptions for Khiron extracts have been issued to patients in Latin America. With the continued influx of clinical evidence, safety and efficacy data produced by Khiron is expected to serve as a cornerstone of the Company’s European medical education program.

With the proof of concept now validated in Colombia, Khiron hopes to build upon its success and penetrate into new markets.

Khiron’s stock price opened at $0.61 and reached a high of $0.69 shortly after. The stock’s price currently sits at $0.62.

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