Heritage (CANN.C) has launched their latest brand titled ‘feelgood’. Heritage’s feelgood is a health and wellness centric brand offering consumers high potency products. Additionally, the Company’s feelgood brand is intended to offer the highest quality possible without breaking the bank for its customers.

“We are very pleased to see our newly launched topicals products under the health and wellness brand name feelgood. arriving in the B.C. market. This first shipment will ultimately provide all B.C. consumers with access to these affordable, high-potency products. The launch of a topicals category is a natural extension to our broad range of products that not only appeal to the unique needs of our customers but are made with the highest quality standards at a price that is affordable,” said Heritage’s Recreational Division President David Schwede

Heritage is a cannabinoid company focused on the production and sale of both medical and recreational hemp-based and cannabis-based products. Furthermore, the Company provides resources to its numerous subsidiaries. In Canada, these subsidiaries include Voyage Cannabis and CannaCure, both of which are regulated under the Cannabis Act Regulations. These subsidiaries offer a wide range of Heritage’s brands such as Pura Vida, Premium 5, RAD, and feelgood.

Feelgood’s initial launch will include three new SKUs:

  • CBD Facial Rejuvenation Cream
  • Extra Strength CBD Muscle Cream
  • Extra Strength THC Muscle Cream

These products have been shipped and will be available to consumers in B.C. The introduction of topical products like creams further progresses Heritage’s strategy to expand market share in extract and extract derivatives. The Company now has numerous SKUs totaling over 80 under their belt which continues to grow monthly. Having only just released their RAD products in Nova Scotia, its clear to see that Heritage has no intention of slowing down as they expand their business footprint.

Heritage’s stock price opened at $0.165 and is currently $0.17.

Disclaimer: Heritage is a client of Equity Guru.

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