Koios (KBEV.C) to Sell All Drinks at Metropolitan Market

On March 22, 2021, Koios’ (KBEV.C) entire line of canned beverages will begin selling at all Metropolitan Market locations. 

“We have long maintained that local grocery chains are exceptionally savvy when it comes to building a loyal client base because they can gather and act upon qualitative insights far more efficiently than a large-scale chain. No matter how advanced a big data analytics engine may be in anticipating or influencing shopping patterns, the very best insights about what customers actually want comes from the personal relationships you can build with your clientele as a regional operator. This is the backbone of our strategy to gain concentrated market penetration in strategic areas of the United States…,” stated Koios chief executive officer Chris Miller

There are currently a total of eight Metropolitan Market locations, all of which are located in Seattle. With locations in Kirkland, Magnolia, Mercer Island, Queen Anne, Sand Point, Sammamish, Tacoma and West Seattle, Metropolitan Market’s footprint on the Seattle metro is undeniable.

…our objective is to cultivate long-term adoption of our beverages as a lifestyle staple and potentially leverage our presence in local chains to qualify for placements in additional national chains. We look forward to building out our presence in the Pacific Northwest as we continue our push to become a more prominent brand in the beverages industry,” continued Chris Miller

Metropolitan Market will begin carrying all five flavors of Koios nootropic beverages in addition to all four of its Fit Soda flavors. The Company believes that by expanding its footprint in regional grocers, its efforts could impact other sales channels to include national retail chains. Some of these chains could include Wal-Mart and even e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. This would be a huge milestone for Koios, providing the Company with a direct-to-consumer portal.

The first quarter of 2021 has proven to be incredibly successful for Koios with the announcement of multiple placements of its products in regional grocers such as Market of Choice, Jensen’s and Sprouts Farmers Market. Additionally, the Company recently announced developments relating to planned expansion efforts for 2021. Some of these developments includes an in-house beverage canning facility and distribution agreements with regional and national wholesale partners.

Koios’ stock price opened at $0.145 today and closed at $0.135.

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