TILT (TILT.C) Releases Her Highness NYC Products


TILT (TILT.C) announced the release of the Her Highness NYC-branded line of THC products in Massachusetts. TILT’s wholly owned subsidiary, Commonwealth Alternative Care (CAC), located in Taunton will be responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of Her Highness products.

“Going from contract to launch in 30 days with a brand new product line is a testament to our cultivation, manufacturing and distribution capabilities, as well as our expertise in managing complex supply chains…I challenged our team to meet that deadline and could not be prouder of the hard work, dedication and innovation each and every person showed in making this happen. As a key aspect of our growth strategy, we expect TILT to continue to bring new, dynamic products to the markets we serve as we continue to create partnerships with premium brands,” said TILT’s President Gary Santo

The exclusive manufacturing and distribution contract was signed with Her Highness on February 4, 2021. TILT managed to push Her Highness onto the market within 30 days following the contract signing, demonstrating the “professionalism and expertise” of the Company as noted by Her Highness Co-Founder and Co-CEO Allison Krongard.

“Our mission has always been to deliver female-forward cannabis couture, and with Tilt Holdings, we’re one step closer to bringing that vision throughout the US…we know Tilt will carry our vision and mission by precisely crafting and distributing our products,” commented Her Highness Co-CEO and Co-Founder Laura Eisman

TILT is recognized for its ability to help build brands in the cannabis industry. With an eye for bringing new, dynamic products to the market, TILT’s decision to sign a contract with Her Highness was a no-brainer. In addition to having a slick brand name, Her Highness products offer a variety of choices such as Last Prisoner Project Pre-Rolls, Power Puff Kief Pre-Rolls and Pleasure Oil.

TILT’s stock price climbed to $0.70 at open and currently sits at $0.68.

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