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June 09, 2023


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Predictmedix (PMED.C) deploys their COVID-19 detection devices to Superbowl party in Florida

Predictmedix (PMED.C) has partnered with Wellness for Humanity and Juiceworks Exhibits to implement safe entry stations at this weekend’s Superbowl festivities in Tampa Bay, Florida, according to a press release.

E11EVEN Miami, Dave Portnoy & Barstool Sports and Pied Piper Productions have joined forces to throw two parties in Tampa, leading up to Sunday’s big game. PMED’s safety protocols include going through one of their Safe Entry Stations which will screen for symptoms of COVID-19.

“At Predictmedix, we are focused on workplace health and safety by developing and deploying Artificial Intelligence-powered technologies. It is a true honor for us to deploy our technology at Tampa’s VIP Big Game Weekend Parties and make a meaningful difference to the safety of guests,” says Dr. Rahul Kushwah, COO and co-founder of Predictmedix.

PMED is an tech company dealing in artificial intelligence with their specific focus being on developing tools for impairment testing and healthcare. They offer cannabis and alcohol impairment detection tools, which they plan to spread out among various workplaces and law enforcement. The tech uses facial and voice recognition to identify impairment using multiple variables and data points. Right now, though, at least during the pandemic, they’ve turned their attention towards COVID-19 detection for outdoor events like the Superbowl party.

The safe entry stations have been developed by infectious disease clinicians and data scientists, and are powered by artificial intelligence. They’re time-efficient and easy to use, letting the party-goer pass through without restriction if they don’t show any symptoms, and get to the party. If the safe entry station doesn’t give the green light for the prospective party-goer, then Wellness for Humanity for implement a rapid antigen test, which will provide detailed results within 15 minutes.


PMED has spiked 14.1% today, rising to $0.365.
—Joseph Morton

Full disclosure: Predictmedix is an marketing client.

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