The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD.T) launches their RIPPLE edibles and their 15 minute onset


The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings (TGOD.T) announced today the launch of RIPPLE Gummies by TGOD, which touts itself as being Canada’s first cannabis-infused edible product to offer a 15-minute outset, according to a press release.

Ripple is made as an amalgam of TGOD’s organic cannabis, real fruit juice and all-natural flavours and colours. Each pack contains two candies at 5mg THC, which is perfectly complaint with Health Canada’s limitations on 10mg per package.

“Canadian cannabis consumers love our quick-dissolving RIPPLE powder for its proven dose-controlled delivery mechanism; it offers a faster-acting, more standardized, and discreet alternative to most products currently on the market.  With RIPPLE Gummies, we are bringing to market another proven product which has been a top seller where sold in the United States. RIPPLE Gummies offer another convenient option for Canadians to consume their desired dose of cannabinoids with a unique, predictable onset of action,” said Sean Bovingdon, TGOD’s chief financial officer and interim chief executive officer.

TGOD is a former equity guru client that deals in organic cannabis. They have tow Canadian facilities, both built to LEED certification standards and its products are sold in recyclable packaging. TGOD sells dried flower and oil, and a recently launched series of cannabis 2.0 products, including hash, vapes, organic teas and dissolvable powders in Canada. The company also operates in Europe under their subsidiary HemPoland, which distributes hemp CBD oil and CBD-infused topicals.

Ripple Gummies use the same quick-dissolving technology found in Ripple powder, which ended up being one of the top-selling SKUs in the cannabis beverage category, courtesy of its 15-minute onset tech, which is a first in Canada. At present their distribution footprint includes Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba, but they have plans to expand country-wide when they get their provincial listings. TGOD continues to expand its Ripple offering as part of its licensing agreement with Stillwater Brands by adding Honey Infusion CBD and Mango Balance flavours in Q2, 2021.


Shares are flat and TGOD is trading at $0.305.

—Joseph Morton

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