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July 02, 2022


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Plurilock Security (PLUR.V) renews multifactor authentication contract with regional bank

Plurilock Security (PLUR.V) renewed an existing multifactor authentication digital security contract with a bank based in the northwestern region of the United States today, according to a press release.

The company will grant the bank the continued use of their multifactor authentication services. MFA is a method of authentication that requires two significant sources of identity to prove the identity of any digital user. It uses behaviour biometrics rather than traditional token-based services to better protect employees and staff from data breaches.

“The renewal of this contract clearly highlights the importance of our MFA products in protecting financial services firms from cyberattacks. Our multifactor and continuous authentication solutions provide companies a leading edge in countering cybersecurity breaches while ensuring the frictionless workflow of their employees and staff, which is crucial for our clients in maintaining high productivity while coping with the alarming rate of cyberattacks that target the financial sector,” said Ian L. Paterson, chief executive officer of Plurilock Security.


Plurilock hasn’t been public for long—having only come on the scene in September—but in the interim period their stock price has seen its fair share of volatility. At present, it’s on a steady incline, having rose incrementally from its mid-November low of $0.275 to today’s price of $0.40.

—Joseph Morton

Full disclosure: Plurilock Security is an marketing client.

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Peter Epstein

Nice work by Equity.Guru team on MedMen! I’m amazed that in virtually every single article on MedMen, there’s no mention of how many shares outstanding (on an as converted basis). I think it’s slightly north of 550 million…. Pls. correct me if I’m wrong. That does not include convertible securities, warrants or stock options.

Lukas Kane

Peter, you are right. We keep forgetting to mention the converted share count, because we get mesmerized by the general level of skull-fookery. 544 million shares.

Michelle D.

My question for the writer is, what do you make of GGP just pouring cash into their business with caveats such as creating an independent board of directors that could possibly rid of the two biggest problems MedMen has? Just playing devils advocate here. I’m an investor. I maybe put in about $800 total so it’s not the end of the world if I lose it, but I just wonder how no one ever mentions anything good that they have done even if they were forced. I live in Austin and attended Adam’s sxsw panel which I thought was great. This business, as they admitted on the most recent call, was created for the recreational user, so why aren’t we waiting until cannibas is federally legal to write these articles? These articles that have reiterated the same thing over and over again have never mentioned that most cannabis MSOs are all going through the same crap just different smell. Everyone just wants to SHORT MedMen so that they make their pocket change. We will see who comes out on top in the end. Remember that Microsoft saved Apple when they were near bankrupt. Hmmmmm.

Lukas Kane

Michelle, GGP is “pouring cash” into MMEN because it thinks this is a good investment. When you mention getting rid of MedMen’s “two biggest problems” – I assume you mean Bierman and Modlin. GGP’s proposed new board of directors may cut off their nuts, but I don’t think it’ll be a purge. Your general point that Equity Guru shits on MedMen and overlooks good things, is probably correct. But the bad things they did (ripping off share-holders) dwarf the good things (donating shareholders’ money to The Green Soul Foundation). The belligerent toxic uncle at Christmas dinner may be a rookie volunteer at the local animal shelter, but to dialed-in family members – he’ll always be the belligerent toxic uncle. Thank you for your measured, informed comment. You are right, when the U.S. goes legal at the federal level, owning a bunch of branded cannabis retailers will be a good thing. But there has been so much plundering of shareholder money, the debt structure may kill that business. We genuinely hope you get your $800 back.

Rob Kennedy

You didn’t even have to list the red flags, just look at the guys who were running the business… Simply showing a picture of them confirms they know absolutely nothing about cannabis. Good riddance.

Lukas Kane

Rob, I’m not a 100% sure I could diagnose Bierman and Modlin’s incompetence from a PHOTO. Yes, Bierman is wearing a cardigan. But Mister Rogers also wore a cardigan. He was an important spiritual educator. A great American. It’s best not to judge a book by it’s cover. I’ve read the MedMen book. It is indeed a horror story.


Hi. I would truly love a call for getting back the base. And relationships. I do this and can be a great relationship builder for medmen.

Lukas Kane

Charles, you must be the greatest “relationship builder” EVER.

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