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November 26, 2022


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FansUnite Entertainment (FANS.C) supplies iGaming platform for esports sportsbook

FansUnite Entertainment (FANS.C) subsidiary Askott Entertainment will supply its iGaming platform, Chameleon, for an esports sportsbook soon to be formed by its FANS partner GameCo and US Bookmaking and Sky Ute Casino, according to a press release.

FansUnite will be the first iGaming solutions provider to get considerable exposure to the U.S. esports betting market through GameCo’s partnership with Sky Ute Casino and Bookmaking.

“We are delighted to be part of the first-ever real money esports sportsbook in the U.S. as it represents a major milestone for FansUnite and the entire betting community globally. Entering the U.S. market has always been part of our growth roadmap and partnering with GameCo in September represented a channel for us to introduce our leading B2B esports betting solution to a sizable and growing market. This latest customer win has exceeded our own expectations and validates our technology, strategy, and legitimacy of our organization. With our first casino customer now in hand, we are eager to continue our collaboration with GameCo, GRID, and 10 Star to establish a larger presence in the U.S. market,” said Scott Burton, CEO of FansUnite Entertainment.

This deal builds on FansUnite’s earlier deal with GameCo, wherein they agreed to establish a turnkey esports betting solution for online casinos and sportsbooks in the United States. Now with the agreement between GameCo and Sky Ute Casino, Askott’s Chameleon iGaming platform will be able to supply an esports gaming component alongside GRID’s data platform and 10Star’s odds feed and services for risk management. This will produce an esports sportsbook with a broad range of services geared towards a younger demographic of gamblers.

“This marks a new era for GameCo as we will be the frontrunners in capturing revenue from an untouched segment in the U.S. online casino market. We require the most innovative technology that will provide a strong backbone for our betting systems and we are pleased that FansUnite is able to fulfill that need with the Chameleon iGaming solutions,” said Blaine Graboyes, co-founder and CEO of GameCo.

—Joseph Morton

Full disclosure: FansUnite Entertainment is an marketing client.

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