Delta 9 Cannabis (DN.T) meets its final milestone with microcultivation partner, levels up with Health Canada license


Delta 9 Cannabis (DN.T) completed its final service milestone in an agreement with its Saskatchewan-based microcultivation partner, Prairie Craft Cannabis (PCC), today, according to a press release.

PCC reached its final milestone under the strategic cooperation agreement (SCA) and was granted its cannabis microcultivation licences from Health Canada on December 4, 2020. Part of PCC’s deal with Delta 9 had them  providing services related to cannabis production including development of standard operating procedures and sanitation programs, as well as consulting on Health Canada licensing, marketing for the PC brand, and other services in support of the license.

“We are delighted that Prairie Craft Canopy has received a Health Canada licence for 12 of our proprietary and turnkey Grow Pod systems and has plans to apply for a second Health Canada licence to expand their operations that will include another 12 Grow Pods. Our turnkey platform for Grow Pods and services continues to prove one of the best options for cannabis industry entrepreneurs seeking licensing and support services,” said John Arbuthnot, founder and chief executive officer of Delta 9.

The company’s production is based around a production unit they call a Grow Pod. It’s a completely scalable and stackable orientation based on retrofitted 40-foot shipping containers, and all of PCCs facility has been designed and built using this system. It’s popular enough that they’ve managed to license over 100 Grow Pods in third party facilities across Canada. When the company gets rolling on cultivation they plan to purchase quality cannabis products from PCC to distribute across the company’s distribution network, and also through Delta 9’s retail stores.

PCC has also developed a microcultivation facility on a 10-acre parcel of land, beside some of the largest agricultural-research-focused companies in North America. The new facility sports a microcultivation, 12 new Grow Pods and a craft growing approach developed by PCC. It also incorporates the latest climate control technology and grow room automation, and the company intends to incorporate more innovative sustainability in future phases of expansion.

—Joseph Morton

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