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September 25, 2022


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Zonetail (ZONE.V) packages up relief for COVID-19 strained independent restaurants

Zonetail’s (ZONE.V) COVID-19 relief package for independent restaurants, released today, offers free advertising services on its condo and hotel platforms, according to a press release.

The platform connects condo residents and hotel guests to the building amenities and services through a downloaded app on your phone. Both platforms include an “explore” section which gives access to local businesses and services that the guest or resident may require, including access to local restaurants.

“COVID-19 has hit everyone very hard, but some businesses like independent restaurants in particular, are suffering greatly. We’re approaching what typically is the busiest and most profitable time of the year for restaurants, and now they’re facing another shutdown. Many have closed their doors permanently, and many more are likely to follow. We want to do everything we can to help these businesses survive. Zonetail is offering 100% free advertising to these independent restaurants for the duration of the COVID crisis. All they need to do is go to the following website and fill out the form to get started,” said Mark Holmes, CEO and president of Zonetail.

The company is offering free advertising for indy restaurants across Canada on its platforms to help them manage their way through the COVID-19 economic minefield.

“In addition to our COVID-19 relief package, Zonetail has also partnered with GroundLevel Insights, alongside several City Councils, BIAs, the Ontario Restaurant, Hotel and Motel Association, and other organizations, to further assist restaurants and small businesses across the country,” Holmes said.

GroundLevel Insights has also created a new COVID-19 tracing platform called Canatrace to provide a bilingual option for businesses to collect information from employees and patrons to help trace the course of the disease across Canada. It helps restaurants and other businesses keep on top of their compliance requirements with COVID-19 regulations by providing an accessible platform that collects and stores contact tracing data such as name, e-mail, phone number and screening questions.

—Joseph Morton

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