PODCAST: Aequus Pharmaceuticals (AQS.V) CEO, Doug Janzen – EG Interview Part 1 & 2


Developing new prescription medicine for market is a costly and oftentimes, a futile endeavor as drugmakers can spend up to $2.6 billion only to see 12% of their candidates gain approval. When Pfizer fails on two out of three new drugs, retail investors have grown leery of the space, but companies like Aequus Pharmaceuticals (AQS.V) have found a way to bypass this massive regulatory and financial bottleneck by seeking out existing drugs approved in other countries and bringing them to Canada for market approval.

Spending 12-18 months rather than the standard 8-10 years for new drug approval, Aequus also benefits from low fixed costs that allow the company to profitably operate in a relatively small marketplace such as Canada in niche areas including neurology, ophthalmology and transplant. Positioned for growth with $2.0 million cash in the till, Aequus is a steady bet in an uncertain industry. As such, Equity Guru’s own Chris Parry spoke with company CEO and chairman, Doug Janzen, to get a better look at Aequus unique de-risked approach and its potential for investors. Listen in!

If you’re just looking for highlights:

For a more in depth view, parts 1 and 2:

Full disclosure: Aequus Pharmaceuticals is an Equity.Guru marketing client

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