Heritage Cannabis Holdings (CANN.C) signature tincture brands, Pura Vida and Purefarma, will be on shelves in British Columbia through the province’s Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) channels next week, according to a press release.

Heritage launched both Pura Vida and Purefarma vape cartridges in British Columbia and Manitoba September 2020. Now BC customers will be able to purchase Pura Vida Daybreak and Nightfall tinctures in addition to their Purafarma HLX30 CBD and Balance 15:15.

“Our Pura Vida vape cartridges sold out quickly in the province and the LDB has placed a recent order to replenish their stock — welcome news for many, and a clear indication of the strong demand for our full spectrum products. Our customers have been particularly pleased with the fact that our full spectrum oil contains no potentially harmful additives or back added terpenes, so they can have confidence in the safety of our products,” said Clint Sharples, Heritage’s CEO.

Heritage’s products have made a name for themselves, having gathered a strong customer base and won multiple industry awards. Pura Vida THC and CBD extract products won first place awards in the 2016 Emerald Cannabis Cup and took first in the Best Vaporizer and Sativa Concentrate categories as the 2017 High Times Cannabis Cup. Their Indica and Hybrid Concentrates took second. Their Pura Vida flower took first and third respectively in the concentrate and flower categories in the 2018 Emerald Cannabis Cup.

—Joseph Morton

Full disclosure: Heritage Cannabis Holdings is an equity.guru marketing client.

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Joseph Morton

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