Global Cannabis Applications (APP.C) uses blockchain and your smartphone to authenticate your medical cannabis


Global Cannabis Applications (APP.C) has a memorandum of understanding with Canadian-based Purity-IQ, which will blend Purity-IQ’s cannabis authenticity and purity standard (CAPS) and its Fingerprint technology with the Global Cannabis efficacy platform.

Specifically, this a blockchain medical efficacy smartphone app, which links a Purity-IQ CAPS Fingerprint cultivar to a strain, effectively proving (or disproving) the authenticity of the strain. This is going to bring traceability for cannabis more in line with formal medical-trial information than a traditional dispensing pharmacist would be able.

“I have no doubt that our smart phone efficacy data platform is an industry leader for cannabis. Bringing the Purity-IQ scientific fingerprinting of cannabis cultivars, to which our consumers will report their efficacy, really builds a picture of what works for a consumer and what doesn’t. This is where medical cannabis needs to get to and we’re bringing it there. With our blockchain truths and efficacy, data sets, medical practitioners, pharmacists, cultivators and processors gain efficacy data previously only found in formal drug trials. We change that and bring the wisdom of the crowd to bear for medical cannabis efficacy,” said Brad Moore, CEO of Global Cannabis.

Purity-IQ’s technology uses nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and DNA chip bioinformatics to identify a cultivar based on a metabolite profile. The purpose behind this is so Global Cannabis’s platform can verify batch-to-batch consistency for medical cannabis programs.

The company believes that their MOU with Purity-IQ is a significant endorsement of their blockchain compliance and medical efficacy data collection platform. The co-operation combines Global Cannabis’ data with Purity-IQ’s CAPS Fingerprint services, which designates and stores genetic and chemical profiles of cannabis cultivars.

Canadian medical cannabis and adult-use markets are forecast to grow to $4.1-billion in 2021.

—Joseph Morton

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