Acreage Holdings (ACRDF.U) opened its first dispensary in downtown Chicago, Illinois, and the second in the state earlier this week, according to a press release.

Nature’s Care West Loop is located in some of the best real-estate in Chicago for access to the retail, restaurant and residential districts at 810 West Randolph Street. Chicago has certain seen better days as riots have raged through the city in response to substantial outrage, and Nature’s Care has launched an equity campaign called “The City is Speaking. And We Hear You” in response. The campaign speaks to the city’s cries for change and support, addressing Nature’s Care’s community commitments, and singling out the partners who made it possible.

Here’s what they’ve put on Twitter:

Nature’s Care West Loop joins Acreage’s existing location in Rolling Meadows, a suburb of Chicago. The state of Illinois legalized medical cannabis on January first, and as of July, 2020, realized sales of $1.1 billion. Acreage now either own outright or has management services, consulting or other agreements for 28 operational dispensaries, spanning 15 states.

In March, Nature’s Care and the Cannabis Equity Illinois Coalition and ColaGroup inked two cannabis equity and social justice agreements to take action to support individuals impacted by the war on drugs, through reinvestment in Illinois communities, training and advocacy. The opening of the dispensary in the loop is part of Nature’s Care’s commitment to these agreements and to the communities of Illinois, including such gestures as hiring from impacted areas, and pledging a donation of 10% of net profits to community organizations, as well as hosting know you rights educational events.

—Joseph Morton

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Joseph Morton

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