Powerband Solutions (PBX.V) agreement with Syngrafii puts security and accessibility in the hands of consumers


Powerband Solutions’ (PBX.V) inked an agreement with Syngrafii to make it easier, faster and safer for their customers to sign automotive leases and other documents on Powerband’s virtual transaction platform today.

Powerband will introduce the Syngrafii signature system on Powerband’s Canadian division, DRIVRZ Canada, and expand it later to include the variant in the United States. This will let consumers and dealers alike buy, sell, lease, trade and finance vehicles as easy as it would be to market the product on Amazon, according to a press release.

“Our partnership with Syngrafii adds another easy-to-use tool to meet Powerband’s goal of offering consumers a secure and efficient way of buying, selling and leasing a car or truck from a smart phone or any digital device, from any location. With Syngrafii, a Canadian-made technology now being widely adopted by companies in the digital transaction space, we will be bringing a new level of security and simplicity to e-transactions in the automotive sector,” said Kelly Jennings, Powerband CEO.

The DRIVRZ name will be Powerband’s core trademark, and will be available in Canada, the United States and other global markets. The initial agreement terms are for one year with automatic renewal options, and also includes a commercial fee for each transaction using their technology.

“Our signature technology and VSR brings a security and compliance standard that is second to none to the consumers and automotive dealerships using Powerband to buy, sell, lease, trade and finance their automobiles,” according to Matthew Gibson, CEO and founder of Syngrafii.

Access to products – Video Signing Room, inked Paper, LongPen and electronic signature solutions, will give Powerband users the ability to access and execute the documents to buy a vehicle in real-time. The solution lets Powerband securely manage all their transactions in a connected world, anywhere regardless of time and place.

Syngrafii’s patented e-signature platform includes world-wide use of wet signatures, and includes signature auditing and video recording during a signature, to ensure security of all digital transactions.

—Joseph Morton

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