Institutional failure at every level of decision making in the United States is why COVID-19 in the world’s largest economy is neither contained nor controlled. A healthy reminder – no matter how bad things are, they can always get worse.

With over 6 million active cases and 186K+ deaths, the pandemic is a nightmare that is far from over.

A solution, insofar as it is a potential vaccine, still has regulatory hurdles to conquer, and even then mass production and distribution take time.

Effective strategies to contain further spread, on the other hand, are well-known – social distancing and rapid testing – but often poorly implemented in the US.

While the former relies on citizen awareness to enforce protocol, the latter can be catalyzed and improved with technology.

PredictMedix (PMED.C) has done a remarkable job on this front, with its AI-powered technology that allows mass screening and rapid testing. With product deployments in the United States, the UK, and India, Predict has been able to penetrate international markets by cultivating strategic partnerships.

In the US, the joint venture with JuiceWorks has allowed Predict to penetrate different markets. Today, the firm announced another successful partnership to deploy its Safe Entry Solutions system in Texas.

The product will be deployed at the 40th World Workplace Conference, to be held later this year at the Texan Resort hotel from December 9-11, 2020.

Hosted by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), World Workplace has been leading ground-breaking discussions and discoveries related to facility management for 40 years. A gold standard in facility management education, World Workplace remains the knowledge exchange for career development and professional network building.

It’s a testament to Predict’s technology that conference organizers are choosing to sign with them four months ahead of the actual event.

With over 23,000 members coming from 100+ countries, the IFMA is the world’s most widely recognized international association for facility management professionals.

“Providing robust, non-invasive screening that allows people to go about their regular routines is a key differentiator in what makes our offering so valuable to the general public.” Says Dr. Rahul Kushwah, President and COO of Predict Medix.

“Being long-time event fabricators and marketers, it’s truly an honor to be in a position to make a meaningful difference to attendees, staff, and exhibitors at one of the first live events since COVID” says Jonathan Auger, President, and Founder of Juice works.

As investors await earnings, Predict’s international scale of product deployments points to an outlook with growth on the horizon.

Written By:

Arth Gupta

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