Ovation Science (OVAT.C) hand sanitizer gets the nod from the skin science panel


Ovation Science’s (OVAT.C) DermSafe hand sanitizer lotion has gotten the Dermatological Review Panel’s (DRP) final seal of approval.

The DRP is a group of Canadian dermatologists responsible for providing a review of scientific data for non-prescription products to authenticate a product’s claims. They do more than just hand sanitizer, stretching their purview to include shampoo, laundry soap, diapers, skin care and other products.

“Having DermSafe Hand Sanitizer recommended by the Dermatology Review Panel not only increases consumers’ confidence in our product, it provides a third-party review of our data and a recommendation. There has been substantial research and studies undertaken on DermSafe to ensure that we have compelling scientific data to support DermSafe’s claims, including our recently announced study that proves DermSafe kills a human coronavirus (Beta Coronavirus strain OC43), a surrogate for SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19). The results of the controlled laboratory testing showed that DermSafe demonstrated a 99.97% reduction in active viral loads at two time points,” said Terry Howlett, president of Ovation.

There differences in hand sanitizers may not immediately be evident to consumers, especially those made without alcohol. The DRP was formed to provide or retract scientific authenticity based on the product’s scientific data in support of its claims. The panel’s seal of approval helps consumers and medical professionals identify the products that meet the panel’s approval. The DRP is chosen from key dermatologists from across Canada, selected based on their skin care expertise, geographical diversity and dedication to the program.

As stated above, DermSafe is made without alcohol. The main benefit of a hand sanitizer without alcohol includes:

  • Alcohol hand sanitizers offer no long term protection – once the scent dissipates so does alcohol’s effectiveness;
  • Continual use of alcohol will dry-out skin and can cause skin dermatitis;
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizers cannot be used in some environments (i.e. schools, prisons, where flammable products are not allowed). There are also religious reasons not to use alcohol;
  • Ideally, a hand sanitizer should kill germs instantly, have a persistent kill over time and be alcohol free; like DermSafe hand sanitizer lotion.

DermSafe is a pharma-grade hand sanitizer lotion. It’s non-drying and protects using chlorhexidine gluconate, an incredient used as a pre-surgical soap known for its germ killing faculties.

—Joseph Morton

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