Draganfly’s (DFLY.C) integrates their vital intelligence tech with Zambian drones to fight the pandemic

vital intelligence

Serving the World Using Aerospace Technologies (SWUAT) has chosen to integrate Draganfly’s (DFLY.C) Vital Intelligence technologies into their platform to better assist first responders with pandemic-related situations.

Vital Intelligence is a technology involved in measuring health and respiration that can be repurposed as a prescreening tool to assisting with identification of possible infectious and respiratory conditions. Using the technology, Draganfly can process and analyze information and footage given by SWUAT as it pertains to social distancing and vital signs.

“SWUAT Technologies is a recognized leader in creating outstanding systems that boost performance and safety. We are thrilled they have chosen Draganfly to develop and deploy an end-to-end solution to help better handle the pandemic situations,” said Cameron Chell, chief executive officer of Draganfly.

SWUAT is based out of Zambia, Africa, and it providers solutions for unmanned aerial systems. Their client list includes multiple agencies in Zambia, each of which use their drones and are looking to introduce health management solutions and analytics provided by Draganfly’s Vital Intelligence technology.

“We have a strong commitment for innovation and excellence. We believe that this joint effort with Draganfly will enable us to improve our offering in assisting first responders by utilizing analytics to better understand pandemic situations. Draganfly has vast experience in the field and offers cutting-edge analytics and technology. We cannot express how excited we are to be in this collaboration. Given the current panic and insurgence of cases, we are confident that together we shall greatly contribute to managing this pandemic situation.” said Chabula Chilombo, CEO of SWUAT.

—Joseph Morton

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