PLUS Products (PLUS.C) new Hi-Cubes brand reaffirms California’s reputation for being where the party’s at


PLUS Products (PLUS.C) launched their new Hi-Cubes brand into the California adult-use market today.

The wife and I have been chatting about going down to the United States to cruise the Vegas strip when the United States ceases to be a shitshow. So maybe never or maybe sometime after November. One of the biggest draws is the looser regulations on cannabis, and specifically cannabis edibles, down there.

Up here, Health Canada has limited the amount of THC in any given package of cannabis-infused anything to 10mg. If you’re new to this whole ‘eating to get high’ thing, then that’s probably enough for you. Have at it. But if you’re no stranger to body highs and peculiar nights spent vibrating on couches don’t belong to you, then 10mg isn’t going to be much. For people like me, there’s the California (and Nevada) markets, where companies like PLUS infuse each gummy of a multipack of cannabis infused gummies with 10 mg of THC (or CBD).


  • Most concentrated gummy product (THC by volume) available in the California market.
  • 100% whole plant, full-spectrum oil delivers cannabinoids, flavonoids and aromatic terpenes for a more dynamic high.
  • Great tasting and guilt-free: only 5 calories and less than 1g of sugar per cube.
  • New line-up will initially include two high THC gummy products specifically formulated for cannabis users looking for a stronger psychoactive effect.
  • HI-CUBES is the third edibles brand launched by PLUS, well known for its core brand of high-quality and precisely dosed gummies and mints.

Each five calorie serving has 10mg, making HI-CUBES the most concentrated cannabis gummy product available in the California market. They’re made from 100% whole-plant, full-spectrum oil and deliver an array of cannabinoids, flavonoids and aromatic terpenes to facilitate a powerful experience for consumers looking to temporarily augment their reality.

Here’s generally how this works, and I say generally because it differs per resistance and body weight.

Consider the fact that each gummy possesses 10mg of hard-hitting THC, and there’s no way that anyone’s going to eat just one, the term “augment your reality” is about right. If you’re new to edibles, having one gummy will probably be enough to give you a good night, and if you’re like everyone I know, eating five or six of them will be enough for a one-way six-hour trip to your couch in full-on vibrate mode. So take it easy.

The HI-CUBEs include two flavours—Indica Plum and Sativa Strawberry—each including 10mg of THC per gummy, and 100mg per package. Eat two—chill out for a few hours, and sleep well. Eat four over a period of about six to eight hours for a quiet and contemplative night. Wake up well rested.

Never eat the whole bag.

Presently, PLUS is selling their cannabis-infused edibles in stores throughout Nevada, in over 360 stores in California and sporadically throughout 43 other states across the country through their website. In California specifically, the PLUS CBDRelief gummies are in 240 stores, and the HI-CUBES are expected to roll out in a few weeks.

—Joseph Morton

Full disclosure: Plus Products is an marketing client.

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