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July 21, 2024


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SpeakEasy Cannabis Club (EASY.C) looks forward to a bright second half of 2020

SpeakEasy Cannabis Club (EASY.C) has all of their primary planting finished, and looks forward to shifting gears in time for next fall’s harvest.

The company has been busy cultivating their outdoor cannabis plantation, and planting is almost finished in their 60 acre outdoor compound, completing one of the milestones the company originally aimed to achieve.

“The finish line is within sight.  It has been a long amazing journey and now our hard work will be rewarded. Watching plants grow, thrive and shift through into flower is magical, I wish everyone could experience it with us. The work is far from completed and we have many challenges in front of us.  But with the crew we have assembled, the genetics and our climate in the Golden Mile, SpeakEasy is positioned for success.  We are in great shape to tackle anything that comes our way and I want to thank all of our family of investors for their continued support,” said Marc Geen, founder of the company.

Speakeasy finished their processing building and expanded perimeter in May, and submitted their evidence package and application to Health Canada to amend their license the following month. When they get Health Canada’s permission, they company intends on including their 53,300 square feet of indoor production and processing area, including an expanded perimeter fence tying in the first building, and an outdoor field which will be used for production and processing. Overall, Speakeasy’s campus will be over 66 acres.

Their process building will offer drying, processing and storage for the outdoor harvest, leaving 40,000 square feet for indoor production. The amendment to this license should be in by September, and combined with the rest of the complex, SpeakEasy will have a full scale indoor production by fall of this year, which includes an anticipated 2,000+ pounds of high quality indoor flower every month.

“The plants are healthy and growing incredibly well which is a testament to the genetics and good farming practices here on the Golden Mile. Farming isn’t always about following a plan to the letter, it’s often about a having a rough outline and adapting. We are blessed with a number of experienced growers with decades of experience each that together have seen it all.  That experience is drawn on everyday and is difficult to express enough the importance having that wealth of knowledge at our fingertips,” Geen said.

—Joseph Morton

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