Aytu BioScience (ATYU.Q) teams with Apollo Med Innovations to help fight COVID-19


Aytu BioScience (AYTU.Q) signed a distribution agreement with Apollo Med Innovations to distribute their COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Test Cassette to Apollo’s network of 1,000 doctor’s practices in the United States, according to a press-release today.

The distribution network expands the company’s influence to medical clinics, clinical laboratories and wellness centers. Apollo is working on reaching out to a number of employers and municipalities with their testing services. The distribution relationship will considerably develop the company’s COVID-19 potential user base courtesy of Apollo’s research-based testing protocols and laboratory support services.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Apollo in this innovative approach to offering testing services to an expanded base of clinicians, laboratories, employers, and municipalities around the country. Through the introduction of comprehensive research protocols and outside laboratory consultants, Apollo is positioning itself as a leader in combating the spread of COVID-19. We are proud that Apollo has chosen to partner with Aytu in making this COVID-19 IgG/IgM rapid antibody test an important part of their testing and consulting service offerings, and the program is now underway,” said Josh Disbrow, chief executive officer of Aytu BioScience.

The relationship between Aytu and Apollo has facilitated the latter’s introduction of the COVID-19 Rapid Test Cassette as a component of a support program for medical organizations, wellness centres, employers and municipalities.

“Partnering with Aytu BioScience to bring this much needed COVID-19 testing to partners and communities across the country is the right thing to do at this time and provides peace of mind to individuals and families working each day for the greater good of their community. Our recently announced mobile corporate testing offering is designed to bring much needed help to essential workers and companies by providing clinical testing on-site to keep employers and employees safe as well as keep these critical companies open safely,” said Randy Wright, chief executive officer of Apollo Med Innovations.

But in addition to giving Aytu the ability to offer the test set to their clients, Apollo has forged partnerships with clinical labs to offer even more tests. They’re offering consultation services to help their clients implement their COVID testing research protocols and a variety of environmental safety products, like sanitation products that use ultraviolet light.

—Joseph Morton

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