Metamaterial (MMAT.C) has been granted ten new patent applications in Europe, according to a press release.

The new patents deal with design processes in holographic filters and solar panels to increase efficiency and functionality. The new additions increase the company’s portfolio by 20%

“Today, optical metamaterial applications and nanofabrication techniques are rapidly advancing.  META continues to lead these advances with newly granted patents as they push the boundaries on metamaterial technology and its potential for commercialization,” said Mark Brongersma, professor in the Departments of Materials Science and Engineering and Applied Physics at Stanford University.

META is a materials developer for the automative, aerospace, consumer electronics and medical industries. Their patent portfolio includes three technologies: holographic, lithographic and wireless sensing designed to handle applications at high volume.

Meta’s patent portfolio to date include 51 issued and 38 pending, with 26 of those in the United States and 63 spread out over 18 other countries. Their patents span 28 patent families, of which 19 include granted patents. These families include large-area holographic filtering, scanning holography, light capture for solar panels, large-area nanopatterning, near-field lithography, plasmonic lithography, transparent metal meshes, radio wave imaging, non-invasive glucose sensing, and magnetic resonance imaging technology.

Metamaterials have the potential to improve performance and enable new capabilities in a broad range of industries and applications. They are not so much a new class of materials as a new way of using materials, so using them requires different expertise than conventional materials development,” according to Anthony Vicari, an analyst for Lux Research.

The buzz hasn’t all been positive on Twitter, though, noting a substantial decline in fortune since the company’s arrival.

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George Palikaras, president and CEO of Meta, is trying to turn it around. Here’s what he had to say:

“At META, our team is relentlessly focused on building and securing our technology platform, enabling multiple applications across a wide range of end markets. Our IP portfolio was started in 2008, establishing an early competitive position. META’s innovation strength and breadth of unique ideas are demonstrated by the large number of patent families we have generated.”

—Joseph Morton


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