WeedMD (WMD.V) launched their Aurum vapes to Starseed patients across Canada as part of the company’s expanding medical cannabis portfolio offerings today.

Cannabis 2.0 has been live for almost a year now and WeedMD is just getting on the vape-train now, but it’s better late than never. The company’s medical vapes will be available to medical patients in the coming weeks, with a planned expansion into the adult-use market under its Color Cannabis brand slated for Q3, 2020.

“Our Cannabis 2.0 strategy evolved after thoughtful consideration of our medical clients’ need for relief from specific indications that may require precise cannabis dosing via alternate delivery methods. When paired with our in-house talent in cultivating, extracting and processing, we developed Aurum as a perfect alternative consumption method. In keeping with our medical roots, we are proud to launch Aurum as a refined medical product that complements our quality-produced portfolio. As an added benefit, in addition to expanding our Aurum product offerings with innovative Cannabis 2.0 formats in the coming months, we will launch a vape product line for the adult-use market under the Color Cannabis brand in the third quarter of this year,” said Angelo Tsebelis, CEO of WeedMD.

The hardware is powered by New York-based innovators the Blinc Group, which designs customizable vapes. The cartridges and batteries contain an industry-standard 510 thread, and they’ll be compatible with most other standard 510 threaded cartridges and batteries.

The new vape line will follow the Starseed System, which controls strength and dosage by categorizing medical cannabis according to THC and CBD levels. The new vapes will launch with Aurum 4, a THC-dominant concentrate, with subsequent releases of Aurum 2, which offers a balance of CBD/THC, and Aurum 1, which is a CBD-dominant concentrate. The batteries and cartridges will come as a kit, including a cartridge, battery and USB charger.

“In developing and producing Aurum vapes – health, safety, and quality are our top priorities. Aurum is the finished product of many months of testing, perfecting formulations and collaborating between our team and our partner, the Blinc Group, to ensure we deliver a safe and high-quality product to our patients. We are excited to launch Aurum Vapes as we continue to develop unique brands and formulations that offer more choices and, most importantly, access to safe, quality-tested medical cannabis products,” said Moe Jiwan, chief customer officer for WeedMD.

Produced in-house at WeedMD’s extraction hub, CX Industries, Aurum cartridges are filled with cannabis concentrates processed from biomass cultivated from the companies indoor and outdoor harvests. In addition to the above named concentrate series, the product launches with the company’s Ghost Train Haze, and will be followed by mango Haze and soon after that a high CBD-strain format.

—Joseph Morton

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Joseph Morton

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