Investor alert: KWESST podcast pt.1 – a freakishly smart pre-IPO military tech company


KWESST is a Canadian military tech company that is “making dumb weapons smart” by developing proprietary technology for the military and homeland security markets.

Conceptually – and financially – KWESST has a tight, elegant structure.

Military tech companies typically use a shot gun approach to product development: Body armour? We got it. Armed robotics? We got it. Amphibious rifles? How many?

KWESST has a diversified product line, based on a single core technology, called Micro Integrated Sensor Systems Technology (MISST), which involves miniaturized sensors, optics, ballistics and software which claims to significantly jack-up mission capability.

In this podcast, Equity Guru’s Guy Bennett talks to David Luxton, Executive Chairman of KWESST about KWESST’s Tactical Awareness and Situational Control System “TASCS, Drone Threat & Counter Solution, Tactical Laser Defeat System, its Shot Counter and the international markets for these products.

Note: This company is completing a $2 million go-public financing. KWESST is receptive to retail investors with modest net worth. This isn’t always the case. If you are interested is owning part of this company now – contact Jose Estevez, VP, Institutional Sales at PI financial at

Full Disclosure: KWESST is an Equity Guru marketing client.

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