Sun Kissed Industries (SKDI.OTC) picks up content aggregator PushNote, goes digital with Numuni

May 12, 2020

CBD and infused-beverage company Sun Kissed Industries (SKDI.OTC) acquired affiliate marketing based news publishing and content aggregator platform, PushNote, today.

PushNote will allow Sun Kissed to take control of their information flow, both coming in and leaving the company, through their ‘pay-to-push’ affiliate marketing model. This will give them more control over their narrative, craft their own in-house advertising and manage their public image.

“We are excited to add another technology based platform to our portfolio. We have searched for a solid content aggregator that includes significant flexibility, built-in monetization options and existing social media compatibility. Not only is this a fantastic ‘unicorn’ platform as it stands, but we are working with a number of major industry players that have expressed serious interested in using the platform and co-developing future updates,” said Carl Grant, CEO of Sun Kissed.

The social networking sites industry’s revenue from 2020 will approach $50 billion, according to IBISWorld. These projections come from before the COVID-19 shutdown, which will have positively skewed those results by more than 20% as now everyone and their grandmother is using social networking.

The content and advertising industry serves a mostly non-targeted audience, and that’s what PushNote is intended to change. Now they’re allowing for interested targeted content and promotion marketing while also allowing the user to setup their own channel, and gives others the option to subscribe. That gives their client companies the ability to ‘push’ content and opportunities of interest to some or all of their followers, including whatever social media they might be using. The idea is that this would make PushNote the go-to promotion platform, saving users lots of time while keeping their social media accounts up to date.

An example use scenario could be the following. Say Uber has a $20 credit promotion for ‘new user downloads’ that they’re looking to pay to have distributed to your followers. You can ‘push’ this promotion to your followers get paid for it. No more expensive ad agencies gobbling your money to mock up bad drawn ads, and send it out through careworn distribution angles. Now companies can craft their own narrative and pay the consumer to push it out for them at a fraction of the price of those agencies.


PushNote isn’t the only platform Sun Kissed has gotten themselves involved with in the past month. Last week, they announced Numuni (pronounced ‘New Money’, get it?) a digital media monetization a and distributed computing technology platform.

Numuni is a GPU-native software engine specifically designed to exploit the parallel processing power of GPUs (Graphic Processing Units) for data stream processing, CGI rendering, machine learning, and hash mining. Numuni processes streaming data at speeds that allow businesses to extract value and revenue opportunities from their data that they never deemed possible, while at the same time realizing incredible infrastructure reductions and power savings.

“The build-out of our distributed computational platform is drawing interest from corporate and end users alike. Our digital monetization platform brings the power of advertising and blockchain industries together,” said Robert Reynolds, Numuni CEO.

Numuni is a digital marketing and distributed computing technology company that’s recently moved away from being a company focused on R&D to a revenue generating company, involving both blockchain and cryptocurrency.

—Joseph Morton

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