PowerBand Solutions (PBX.V) latest digital advertising campaign puts consumers and dealers in their sights

Powerband Solutions (PBX.V) is launching a digital advertising campaign targeting consumers and automative dealers across the United States.

They’re selling a virtual transaction platform that will allow consumers to buy, sell, lease, auction or finance vehicles from anywhere they choose, including directly within any form of video content.

“Powerband is at the forefront of the new retail reality in the automotive sector, where consumers are demanding virtual tools to acquire and sell vehicles, from any location they choose, at any time. Source will bring PowerBand’s virtual transaction platform to people who need it,” said Kelly Jennings, chief executive officer of PowerBand.

PowerBand’s mission is to make sure you never have to deal with second-hand commerce sites like Craigslist again if you’re looking to buy, sell, lease, auction or finance a vehicle again. They’re also trying to make the oily, untrustworthy used-car salesmen who tries to squeeze the most money out of you for the first lemon on the lot a part of our shared cultural history. So instead of venturing out and making a day of it, you can use your smart phone or laptop to buy, sell, lease, trade or finance a vehicle, often in seconds. That’s ultimately a plus in the age of shelter-in-place, social distancing and essential services, when we shouldn’t necessarily be meeting people in musty carparks to sell our cars, and the prospect of dealing with the oily used-car salesmen carries more risk than just to our wallets.

PowerBand’s partner in this endeavour is Source Digital, a company specializing in immersive commerce through video content on the internet and digital media platforms. The campaign will leverage Source’s patented tech to deliver PowerBand’s cloud-based transaction platform, which will make buying or selling a vehicle as easy as buying a product on Amazon, or selling something on eBay.

Source has experience working with start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike to place brands and products in front of digital video audiences across North America and globally. They use video content to promote products like PowerBand’s platform, and push them in front of viewers. Source’s media-platform’s reach stretches as far as publishers and content companies like MotorTrend, LiveNation, Golf, NBC Universal and influencers from the world of music, auto racing and professional sports.

“Source was built to maximize the ROI of video campaigns and content, ranging from ad spots to full-length movies. Our technology will deliver the entire Powerband suite of automotive products directly into video content, taking them directly into the heart of consumer engagement at a precision moment without even pausing the content they’re watching,” said Frank Frecon, Source CEO.

PowerBand was endorsed by D&P Holdings, one of the largest insurance https://e4njohordzs.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/tnw8sVO3j-2.pngistrators in the United States, with an investment of USD$12.5 million. The https://e4njohordzs.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/tnw8sVO3j-2.pngistrator works with over 850 car dealerships in the United States, and made its first deposit of $1.5 million on March 6, 2020. D&P is the managing general agency for The Hanover Insurance Group, which has a $5-billlion market cap and is rated A (Excellent) with the rating agency AM Best.

—Joseph Morton

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