World Class Extractions (PUMP.C) adds The Saskatoon Co-operative Association to their list of Pineapple Express Delivery clients


Having already capitalized on Ontario cannabis-shops misfortune at having their essential status revoked by Doug Ford, World Class Extractions (PUMP.C) subsidiary, Pineapple Express Delivery, has been on a tear lately, forging delivery agreements with cities, and now with The Saskatoon Co-operative Association liquor division.

In addition to their standard recreational and medical cannabis delivery system, Pineapple Express Delivery is expanding its delivery scope to include liquor from Saskatoon Co-op’s wine-spirits-beer retail stores. The co-op operates a retail liquor store within the terms and conditions established by the authority, and now folks in Saskatoon can have their weed and their whisky delivered to the front door.

“Pineapple Express Delivery is making a strategic move by capitalizing on its premium delivery services in the legal cannabis markets and expanding into other industries. With COVID-19 having an unprecedented impact on our daily lives, Pineapple Express Delivery is helping to minimize the impact by providing reliable delivery services so that consumers have confidence their purchases will arrive at their door in a safe and timely fashion. Pineapple Express Delivery has taken precautionary measures to reinforce safety and hygiene procedures of workers and consumers. All drivers have been fully trained on the health procedures to keep both the driver and consumer safe,” said Rosy Mondin, chief executive officer of World Class.

The co-op is a brand used by a network of retail co-operative associations across Western Canada. They own and operate co-op Agro centres, food stores, gas bars and convenience stores, home centres, pharmacies and others, including liquor. They call it the co-operative retailing system. The associations are independent organizations owned by their members, who each engage in a democratic process to elect a local board of directors to govern the business.

The death toll stats are in for Canada. Macleans magazine reports that Canada’s number of COVID-19 cases rose over 54,000 with 3,300 deaths. It’s never good news when there’s deaths involved, but in terms of raw statistical comparison, the city of New York had more people infected then the number of deaths in our country. The national rate of new cases has also slowed to %3, down from %17 at the beginning of April. All of our staying home and social distancing and other measures have been working.

We’re still not completely through the woods yet, though. A 3% infection rate can quickly jump back at up 10%, or maybe even back to 17%, if we’re not careful. That’s why companies like Pineapple Express Delivery aren’t just necessary, they’re essential.

“I’m really excited to enable home deliveries for Saskatoon Co-op customers through Pineapple Express Delivery, especially during these unparalleled times. Staying home means staying safe for many Canadians. Our drivers are trained in physical distancing practices for home delivery and are equipped with PPE kits every day to keep them and customers safe, so consumers can rest assured that their delivery meets the highest standards in compliance, discretion and customer experience,” said Randy Rolph of Pineapple Express Delivery.

There’s also been a lot of rumbling on the internet and in other places about comparisons to the Spanish Flu, and how it rolled in waves. Flu season is coming to a close, which could be the cause for the diminishing numbers, and if the rumbling turns out to be true and COVID-19 returns in force in the fall, we could find ourselves enduring quarantine the sequel. If that happens, companies like World Class Extractions with functioning, respected subsidiaries like Pineapple Express are going to be in high demand.

—Joseph Morton

Full Disclosure: World Class Extractions is an marketing client.

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