Carl Data Solutions (CRL.C) offers smart city solutions to the city of Boulder, Colorado

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You’ve probably heard of the idea of the smart city before. The way it’s advertised is usually attached to some hyper-futuristic idea of automated sensors perpetually gathering information like silent sentries and funnelling it back to some gigantic centralized data-megaplex to be analyzed and dissected with the express purpose of extracting inefficiencies.

The trains run on time in the future courtesy of smart city constructs. Crime is eradicated. But golden age science fiction was replete with characters without bodily functions. Rarely in science-fiction do you get to see the internal workings of the perfectly functioning smart city, but reality is messier because the business of being human is messier. Actual cities need street sweepers, and window-washers and sewers, and sewage flows need monitors just like subway flows do.

Big-Data-as-a-Service solution provider Carl Data Solutions’ (CRL.C) recently announced partnership with the Hach Company US Flow Division will help the City of Boulder, Colorado monitor flows in the city’s sewer system.

Hach’s partnership with Carl’s subsidiary, FlowWorks, provides Boulder with the required tools to perform Infilration and Inflow (I&I) analysis, set alarms and read and interpret raw data to be entered into a single web (SaaS) interface. FlowWorks’ solution is cloud based, which means that the city has access to their data at any time, from anywhere.

“Hach continues to be a great partner for FlowWorks, allowing us to provide municipalities with a comprehensive flow monitoring solution. And, as extreme weather and other events that impact these kinds of infrastructure become more frequent, the need for these kinds of services will continue to grow,” said Kevin Marsh, president of FlowWorks.

Carl Data Solutions is an industrial internet of things (IOT) company offering collection, storage and analytics solutions for data-centric companies and clients. Their FlowWorks application collects data using gauges, sensors and other types of monitoring devices, including Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, which is then stored on a single platform and used to provide analysis and reporting, saving end users time and money.

Hach has also renewed a prior waste flow monitoring agreement with the City of Dallas, and now the company will be bringing in the FlowWorks application for real-time analysis, alarm setting, and the transformation of existing raw data into actionable information using their platform.

The Infocube expansion

Late last month while most of us were huddled in our homes hiding from the coronavirus, Carl Data Solutions signed a letter of intent to acquire integrated data centre tech company, Infocube Technology. This particular tech company provides a broad array of options for their clients, including cloud computing, IoT solutions, geographic imaging and modelling, and network technologies. Through partnerships with HGC Global and EnvoyVC Cloud Group, Infocube provides services to several prominent international companies and wishes to build on this success and accelerate its growth through being acquired by a public company.

Infocube runs data centers, and they have a heavy investment in industrial Internet of Things (IioT) and smart city technology, which makes them a perfect fit for Carl’s suite of IioT products and services. Infocube can also connect Carl to partners and hardware manufacturers in mainland China, which can be used to provide many of the devices needed for Carl’s present and future projects.

“This is an exciting opportunity for Carl to extend its products and services to Infocube’s mainly Asian clients with the help of its chief executive officer, Jacky Zhang, and the company’s proactive investors. In turn, Carl can provide strong support in promoting Infocube’s products and services to assist Carl’s mainly North American customers with more comprehensive solutions. Carl is focused on expanding into Asia to participate in the numerous infrastructure development projects that are integrating smart devices and advanced analytics consistent with today’s data-driven economy,” said Greg Johnston, president and chief executive officer of Carl Data Solutions.

The proposed deal is a share exchange where Carl will issue 1.25 million common shares to the current shareholders of Infocube in exchange for 100 per cent of Infocube’s issued and outstanding shares. There are also two incentive/performance clauses to the deal where on the third anniversary of the closing of the transaction:

  1. If at the third anniversary Infocube’s EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) in its most recently completed fiscal year is greater than $375,000, Carl will issue additional common shares to the vendors equal to three times the amount calculated as the EBITDA minus $375,000 divided by its share price as defined below.
  2. In addition to this, if at the third anniversary Infocube’s EBITDA in its most recently completed fiscal year is greater than $2-million, Carl will issue additional common shares to the vendors equal to four times the amount calculated as the EBITDA minus $2-million divided by its share price as defined below.

The acquisition will include all of the current hardware and software technology contracts as well as any projects under negotiation. Infocube managed USD$2.86 million in gross revenue in fiscal 2018, including $1.1 million in annual recurring revenue for EBIDTA of $180,000.

—Joseph Morton

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