The market is up, but it’s all theatre: Don’t let The Fed’s buying suck you in

Trust me, there’s nothing I’d like more, as the publisher of a financial markets-focused media outlet, than to tell you all it’s time to buy back in on these ailing markets. I’ve got clients who’d reward me well if I were to convince you that it’d be a good idea to buy their stock in the middle of a stock slide. I’ve got employees that I’m still paying and not laying off that are ready to do their thing and share good investing opportunities with you all, especially at a time when you’re all at home looking for information.

CVS Health (CVS.NYSE) offers solace for unemployed people forced to pay rent during COVID-19

Being working class in the United States in the time of Donald Trump is a curious endeavour. The stories coming from some of my friends to the south would turn your hair white. Otherwise bright, hard-working people, who because of a pre-existing condition find themselves out on the lam in terms of medical costs, so they have to pay a substantial amount of their savings for a sprained ankle. Then there’s the lack of federal support during COVID-19, including Trump’s now world-famous tweet about reopening the country for business despite the virus for fear of tanking the economy.