Roadman Investments’ (LITT.V) recent acquisition target CLOV Biopharma (CBP) is continuing its research into the potential commercial uses of cedar leaf oil vapour (CLOV), specifically when it comes to the health care and biotechnology, and believes it may help fight the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Apparently, this oil is good on coronaviruses as well. In case you’re just coming back from a month long social media cleanse and you went straight to to see how your weed stocks are doing, (The answer is: not well) here’s a quick recap on what a coronavirus is.

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that cause respiratory illness, ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and of course, the new kid on the block, COVID-19, the Wuhan coronavirus.

“CBP’s management and advisors bring significant expertise along with over 10 years experience in utilizing cedar leaf oil vapour in a variety of both clinical laboratory and real world commercial scenarios in studying and combating the spread of numerous viruses and toxic mold. We have the privilege to be working closely with Dr. James Hudson, a leading virologist and professor emeritus from the University of British Columbia, to further study and potentially bring products to market that may help combat an array of viruses. It is highly encouraging that Dr. Hudson’s findings show that CLOV appears to have selective toxicity that targets viruses but does not do any harm to healthy human epithelial cells,” said Luke Montaine, CEO of Roadman Investments.

CBP has found some diffusers that it thinks can be used with cedar leaf oil and cedar leaf oil vapour, and intends to start testing them immediately. Both anecdotal and lab confirmed tests acquired through in-field studies in people’s houses have shown that mould and bacterial levels have dropped considerably when diffused COV was present in the air.

Also, a 2010 research project performed by CBP’s medical science adviser, Canadian virologist Dr. James Hudson, showed that CLOV killed the top medically important antimicrobial resistant organisms responsible for in-hospital infections. CLOV Biopharma’s next step is to further validate these findings and if it turns out that pine-fumes do indeed kill infection, roll out a way to commercialize a product suite for personal and household use.

How your Christmas tree can help fight the coronavirus

Cedar oil, which is commonly called cedarwood oil, is an essential oil taken from various types of conifers, mostly from the pine or cypress botanical families. It’s derived from the foliage, but sometimes the wood, roots and stumps left after the lumberjacks have all gone home. The oil can be extracted using several techniques, including steam distillation, carbon dioxide distillation, and cold pressing. Normally, it isn’t inhaled. Instead, it commonly shows up as an ingredient in inspect repellent, shampoo, deodorant and cologne. Because nothing says sexy quite like smelling like a pristine pine forest.

Cedarwood oil and its components have been analyzed in animal and human studies for potential health and beauty benefits. The components found in cedarwood oil include cedrine, cedrol, and thujopsene. These may have the following properties:

Hudson thinks that more medical uses should be added to that list. He concluded in manuscripts published previously that CLOV was effective in killing several human respiratory viruses, including influenza virus, rhinovirus (the common cold) and adenovirus, as well as the herpes simplex virus.

—Joseph Morton

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