On January 7, 2020, Patriot One’s (PAT.T) CEO and President Martin Cronin delivered a 16-minute video address “outlining the successes and challenges his team faced during 2019 and giving an outlook on PAT’s objectives for 2020.”

It was doozy.

The agenda was: 1. Competitive positioning, 2. Partnerships 3. Patents. 4. Financials, 5. Objectives for 2020.

PAT’s A.I-driven concealed weapons-detection company is currently transitioning from being a technology incubator – into a sales company.

There are more than 390 million guns in the United States.  Every year about 35,000 people are killed, and 120,000 suffer non-fatal injuries due to firearms.

The situation is so dire that an Amnesty International Report called “gun violence in the United States a human rights crisis.

The “demand-driver” for Patriot One’s technology is strong.  An impressive accumulation of corporate and intellectual partnerships reflects this:

News cycles are dominated by tragedies highlighting the need for covert weapons detection.

PAT’s tech is a cost-effective insurance policy for trains, concert venues, schools, casinos, universities, stadiums, hospitals, police stations and churches.

Wide adoption in any one of these markets could be a company-maker for PAT.

This week, and for much of 2019, the focus has been on places of worship.

“Members of the Monsey Hasidic community met recently with private security experts to develop a new protection plan,” reported CBS on January 2, 2020, “as the community readied for their first sabbath since the Chanukah stabbing of five men in an anti-Semitic hate attack.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is actively working with Jewish leaders to find additional funds to protect the community. All options are on the table when it comes to standing up against hate and securing New Yorkers’ safety.

In the spring of 2019, churches, mosques and a synagogue were targeted in a series of shootings and bombings spanning three countries.

A gunman entered a synagogue outside San Diego and opened fire with an “AR-type assault weapon,” killing one woman and wounding three other people.

A series of coordinated attacks on Christian churches rocked Sri Lanka.

“In March, 2019, 50 people were killed when an Australian man opened fire on worshipers in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand,” reported CNN, “The shooter started first at the al Noor Mosque, where he livestreamed the attack on social media. He then drove to a 2nd mosque, where 8 people were killed”.

The array of “soft targets” around the world is mind boggling.

In the 16- minute video, Cronin maintains that PAT is about 2-years ahead of its competitors in the push to mass commercialisation.

That’s important.

Even more important, PAT has moved beyond the “single threat detection” model.

“Our initial goal was to commercialize a single threat detection,” states Patriot One, “but we discovered that there is a critical need for enhanced threat detection.”

The PATSCAN Multi-Sensor Covert Threat Detection Platform is a layered multi-sensor platform to detect and combat active threats before they occur.

Technology highlights:

PATSCAN RADAR covert weapons detection sensor technology
PATSCAN VIDEO threat recognition software
PATSCAN MAGNETIC threat detection that passively and covertly allows for greater deployment and ease of use than any competitive system
PATSCAN CHEMICAL multi-compound airborne threat detection sensor

The entire platform is packaged in an integrated AI Managed security system.

“PAT has partnered with Vancouver-based artificial intelligence company Xtract Technologies for joint research and development,” confirmed Equity Guru’s Joseph Morton this summer.

“Xtract is advancing the state of artificial intelligence by developing deep neural network technology that scales how machines learn,” reported Morton,

Toward the end of Cronin’s crystal-clear address (min 14:48), Xtract A.I Founder Elliot Holthan, expands on the collaboration between the two companies.


“Most incidents occur at locations in which the killers find little impediment in pressing their attack,” states Patriot One. “Locations are generally described as soft targets, that is, they carry limited security measures to protect members of the public.”

Last month PAT announced a collaboration with Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC), part of Major League Soccer (MLS), to pilot its PATSCAN Platform at Banc of California Stadium.

Cronin’s video address depicts a company with serious tech credentials and clear business goals.

Full Disclosure:  Patriot One is an Equity Guru marketing client.

Written By:

Lukas Kane

Lukas Kane was previously the CEO of a North American investment news syndicate. He was also the Communication Director for a consortium of publicly traded companies. A Senior Writer at Equity.Guru, Mr. Kane writes about mining, cannabis, energy, technology and biotech.

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