Digital marketing company SRAX (SRAX.Q) releases survey results about your political opinions


SRAX (SRAX.Q), a digital marketing company, released a survey of the opinions of 25,469 Americans regarding the political issues impacting voting decisions in the coming elections today.

The survey was conducted through the company’s BIGtoken mobile app, which counts 16 million registered users. BIGtoken’s data collection approach provides accurate research and insights from an engaged global consumer base. The survey was conducted in December 2019, while the U.S. House of Representatives were preparing their Articles of Impeachment. The margin of error is less than plus or minus 1%.

So what did the data say?

Results inconclusive. Hilarious, right?

According to the survey, 29% of all respondents said they’d vote for a Democrat, while 25% were going Republican. The remainder were either undecided or leaning towards a third party, which means of course that nobody knows who’s going to win the 2020 election. What is particularly interesting is that 59% of respondents think that Trump should be impeached, with the majority of these being women.

“What we’re seeing in the data is a harbinger of the election results but perhaps a bit of a myth-buster also. We see some supposedly ‘hot-button’ issues that don’t matter as much as we might have thought, while other topics are critical to forming voting opinions. In general, women are making their own conclusions about the political climate despite what controversies they may be reading in the popular press. It’s critical to keep an eye on changing attitudes, and platforms like BIGtoken provide an ideal mechanism for brands and businesses to measure the pulse of today’s consumers,” said Kristoffer Nelson, COO of SRAX and co-founder of BIGtoken.

What is SRAX?

The real question we’re all thinking is how does this company make money. They monetize their data-sets, growing multiple recurring revenue streams through its various platforms. One of these is the BIGtoken platform, through which its developed a consumer-managed data marketplace where people can own and earn from their data, offering everyone in their sphere of influence choice, transparency and compensation.


The chart’s general decline comes with absolutely zero attendant surprise. These surveys are time intensive, which means that they don’t receive actionable intelligence and therefore news, for months at a time.


Among women, important topics with a “moderate to extreme” effect on their voting decisions include costs of healthcare (76%), universal healthcare (70%), student loans (67%) and immigration (63%). The most surprising part about the responses is that 50% of women either don’t care or are ambivalent about the gender gap, and only 19% feel there are “too few women in government.”

It kinda makes me curious about their polling methods, because it’s really not representative of the women in my immediate sphere. Did they go geographically to where traditional values are most prominent and seek out their opinions? Still, it is a curious batch of statistics.

The inundation of political coverage over the past two years hasn’t been successful in changing many minds—some, sure—but not many. The majority of respondents’ opinions regarding Democrats and Republicans have stayed the same since the last election, with the exception that more participants believe that the republicans have gotten better (32%) rather than worse (25%). On the other side of the isle, 30% of respondents thought to the Democratic Party had gotten worse than better (27%). When it comes to foreign policy, 43% said it was the same as last year, compared to 33% that said it was better than three years ago.

Other topics covered in the survey include opinions about military spending, college affordability, border controls, climate change, incarceration rates, legalized marijuana, and other ‘sensitive’ topics about which SRAX surveyed consumers directly.

—Joseph Morton

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