Isracann Biosciences (IPOT.C), an Israel-based cannabis play, has engaged the services of LinC by Growing Smart to draw a project roadmap for their proposed 230,000 square foot production facility.

The roadmap will focus on seasonal climatic conditions, including anticipated hours of sun, temperature variances, humidity levels and UV index levels for everyday operation. This information will be used to determine the necessary greenhouse and environmental controls for dehumidification, air circulation, shading screens, temperature controls and carbon dioxide enrichment.

This level of detail is required to adequately grow cannabis. Let’s consider temperature alone:

The optimal day temperature range for cannabis is 24 to 30 °C (75 to 86 °F). Temperatures above 31 °C (88F) and below 15.5 °C (60F) seem to decrease THC potency and slow growth. At 13 °C (55F) the plant undergoes a mild shock.

Anything outside of those ranges and you get weak weed, and weak weed does not bode well for your user-experience. That’s why IPOT went to LinC.

“When we initially undertook this project, we knew we would need to bring onboard a quality team with the knowledge and experience to achieve timely results. LinC is that team, and we are very appreciative that they were amenable to working with us. We know they have a long list of potential projects available to them and we have worked long and hard to ensure we are a priority with what is expected in the coming months. Their enthusiasm for our project has been highly motivational to everyone concerned and we look forward to implementing their detailed approach to developing what we collectively believe will be one of the most efficient, highest-quality and lowest cost licensed export production facilities throughout the entire region,” said Daryll Jones, CEO of Isracann Biosciences.

LinC is the cannabis arm of Grow Smart, an international agricultural project management company in the cannabis sector, operating out of Tel Aviv and Shanghai. The company works with clients to create, plan, build and grow medical cannabis projects on a worldwide basis. They work primarily in an advisory role, helping companies make cost-effective, unbiased, best-practice business decisions to increase output and make efficient and sustainable use of resources.

LinC has been contracted to provide site-specific cannabis agronomic services, like the ones listed above, in addition to their roadmap duties.

The team

This guy provides the leadership for LinC’s agronomics team:


His name is Tal Saadon, and he holds a Master of Science in Agronomy, and has over 10 years experience working in greenhouse cannabis cultivation from seed, harvest and drying processes. He’s also worked with multiple growers and various arms of the Ministry of Heatlh.

He is the former manager of Pharmocann, a medical cannabis farm, and was responsible for all processes from seeding to harvesting and drying. He also co-founded a medical cannabis awareness organization called Cannabis, which was the first in Israel to help connect patients, growers and the Ministry of Health, while increasing subject awareness about cannabis in Israel.

The team also includes Tal Tregerman, a farmer from a core founding family of an important agricultural co-op community called a Moshav. Tegerman was responsible for founding IMC, one of the five successful outdoor cannabis greenhouses operating in Israel, which established his ability to develop farm concepts into successful active operations.

Isracann also trades on the OTC PINK exchange under the ticker ISCNF .

—Joseph Morton

Full disclosure: Isracann Biosciences is an marketing client.

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