Westleaf (WL.V) receives a $740,000 white label order for 3-month supply of vape pens

On November 4, 2019, Westleaf (WL.V) announced that Westleaf Labs has received an initial “white label” order from Delta 9 for a three-month supply of vape pens and cartridges, representing anticipated revenue of  about $740,000, “starting as early as January 2020”. The deal carries a minimum total commitment of $4 […]

Aphria’s (APHA.T) Double Diamond facility finally licensed

Last year, before the exuberance for cannabis stocks soured, a video taken Aphria’s (APHA.T) expansive but still unfinished Double Diamond facility produced a strangely synthetic moment: A member of The Cannalysts running through endless rows of hydroponic equipment, jubilant and laughing both at the facility’s enormity and, presumably, the thought […]

Tilt Holdings (TILT.C) eases their debt burden with a $35 million PP

Tilt Holdings’ (TILT.C) closed $35 million private placement from a syndicate consisting of existing shareholders and new investors to pay their debt today. The press release this story comes from suggests the usual uses for this type of raise. They’re looking to angle towards profitability. Of course they are. The […]