1933 Industries’ (TGIF.C) subsidiary Canna Hemp X will introduce the Birdhouse CBD balm on November 4, 2019.

The CBD balm is part of the partnership signed with Birdhouse Skateboards earlier this year with its eyes set on the action sports market. It corresponds to a larger branding push, started last year, to draw attention from professional athletes.

“We are just starting to scratch the surface of the many applications associated with the cannabis plant and we are pleased to be part of a national conversation about its potential. The anecdotal benefits keep mounting and we believe that this market is underserved. We constantly improve our formulations through research and we worked closely with the Birdhouse team over several months to develop a next-generation CBD topical product that would have wide appeal in the sports world. We are pleased to unveil the Birdhouse CBD balm that both companies are proud to endorse,” said Chris Rebentisch, 1933 Industries’ chief executive officer.

Every hobbiest knows what it’s like to wake the next morning after a physical day and feel their exertions drawn out a thousandfold on their bodies. You don’t have to be a professional to understand how it works—you get that runner’s high, or whatever dopamine kick you’re enjoying doing whatever physical activity you’re doing—and the next day you can barely move.

Not to put too fine a bow on it: it sucks.

A lot of people turn to chemical assistance to get over the pain and while for hobbiests that means over the counter medicine like tylenol or aspirin, but for professional athletes, who know pain on levels we amateurs and weekend warriors will never know, that usually includes opiates.

And there’s no faster way to kill a promising career in a professional sport, be it in mixed-martial arts, football or competitive skateboarding, then getting addicted to pain meds.

This is where CBD comes in. The FDA hasn’t come down on the side of companies making broad claims about CBD, and companies need to be careful not to be too bullish on its potential, but its alleged effects are at least worth looking into.

Here’s a few:

Source: cannabisinsiders.com

But even outside the necessary conversation about the opioid crisis, and what roll new market arrivals CBD and CBG can offer, there’s the simple prospect of everyday use for simple healing. 1933 isn’t just focusing on athletes. They’re the primary focus for this new product, that’s for certain, but the company made this deal and is producing these products to enhance and improve people’s lives, while keeping their customers safe and happy by sourcing quality, pure ingredients.

The quick-acting Birdhouse CBD balm is specially formulated with a blend of essential oils, arnica, peppermint, menthol and other natural ingredients. That’s right. It comes in a patch which you put on your skin, and the CBD takes a trip through your body, via your lymphatic system, to heal what ails you. And you don’t get high at all because there’s absolutely zero percent THC involved.

In addition, the company’s distribution chain will now include a partnership with Eastern Skate Supply, the biggest domestic skateboarding wholesale distributor in the U.S. The birdhouse cbd products will be available for sale in dispensaries, wellness stores, skate shops and specialty retailers, including Zumiez in the United States.

—Joseph Morton

Full disclosure: 1933 Industries is an equity.guru marketing client.

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