Mastercard (MA.NYSE) backs out of Facebook’s (FB.Q) Libra team like a two-headed baby

Mastercard (MA.NYSE) joined PayPal (PYPL.Q) and Visa (V.NYSE) with its announced exit from Facebook’s (FB.Q) Libra support group today, leaving the once famed project listing in the wind without a major payment processor to back it. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, said he had hoped to foist his cryptocurrency on the […]

This Tesla (TSLA.Q) rival just blew $2.5 billion building a factory where the average worker makes $90,000/yr

It’s a general tenet of business that low labour costs increase profitability. Who wants pay a hung-over Chicago factory-worker $25/hr – when some dude in Bangladesh can build the same gizmo for $1.40/hr? Guaranteed, the worker on the outskirts of Dhaka will work like his life depends on it. Because […]