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November 29, 2023


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48North Cannabis (NRTH.C) takes a feminine focus with new accessories acquisition

48North Cannabis (NRTH.V) acquired Sackville & Co. Mechandising, a U.S.-based cannabis accessories brand, today.

Sackville and Co founders Hayley Dineen and Lana Van Brunt recognized a market gap in cannabis products when they couldn’t find any accessories that spoke to them and their lifestyles. So they combined their years of experience in luxury product development, experiential marketing and business developing together and that’s where Sackville came from.

“With such a like-minded vision on the future of cannabis, the decision to join with 48North was an easy one. Sackville & Co. has sought to create new and inspiring experiences in the cannabis space through design, art, fashion and music communities. As a result of the acquisition, we will now be able to expand our product offering, distribution channels, and ultimately scale our business,” said Lana Van Brunt, co-founder of Sackville & Co.

Sackville uses high-end materials like brushed gold finishes, marble and ceramics to make stylish grinders, rolling papers, rolling trays, bong and other accessories. We’re not necessarily talking feminine-shaped marble bongs here, but gilded grinders and coloured pre-rolls are totally available.

Your stash has never looked so swank. |Source:

The inspirations for their products come from the same general trend: art, design, music, fashion and contemporary culture. The idea is to attract design-inclined customers (usually women) and redefine ingesting cannabis for the modern female consumer.

Doing what you can to attract the demographic that spends the majority of the household’s money is never a bad bet.

There’s some general disparity with the data regarding how many women use cannabis regularly, but the general conclusion drawn by a report from Cannabis Consumers Coalition (CCC) are that more women are enjoying cannabis than ever before.

“Although there is a disparity among reports of the gender of the cannabis consumers, the importance of the female consumer is not negligible. The most profound finding in our report was that that majority of respondents were women by over a 15% margin,” said Larisa Bolivar, author of the CCC report.

The total amount of the acquisition was USD$789,735 consisting of the following: USD$150,000 in cash; and USD$639,375 paid in shares for $0.80 a share. In addition, 48North will pay a conditional earn-out in common shares based on the operating performance of Sackville for a 12-month period following closing in an amount up to an aggregate of USD$2,868,125.

And then there’s the sex

There’s a reason why every edition of Cosmo includes something like, ’13-ways to make both of your man’s heads explode’ and that’s because women are as sex obsessed as men. Sackville’s latest marketing campaign attaches the time-honoured notion that have sex while high is somehow better than when it isn’t.

Most cannabis-enthusiasts have already done this, and formed their own conclusions, but Sackville’s site includes a few helpful hints for the would-be psychonaut:

“Therefore, two things to keep in mind: dosage and mixing substances. Let’s be real: if you’ve guzzled a bottle of wine and then smoked a huge spliff, chances are likely that you may not be setting up the ideal conditions for a mind-blowing orgasm. A glass of wine and a joint (or a dab of weed lube)? Now we’re talkin’.”

Weed lube. Sure. Everyone needs a hobby.

—Joseph Morton

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