Meredith Corporation (MDP.NYSE) wants you to get more mindfulness in your life

Everyone has that one friend that’s into the weird shit. I don’t mean strange drugs or alcohol (but I don’t not mean that either), but strange cultural esoterica like tarot or astrology. If you let them, they’ll swallow significant parts of your day talking about what planetary bodies are presently affecting your life, as if the trajectory of various swirling balls of fire located in distant star systems had any direct influence on whether or not Janet in accounting gives you the look around the water cooler.

Equity.Guru podcast: A Closer Look – Rare earth metals miner, Defense Metals (DEFN.V), proving out impressive chemistry at BC property

Rare earth metals were little known before 1960, but in the sixty years since, it has become the foundation for our technologically driven society. You can find rare earth metals in nearly everything electronic from rechargeable batteries to missile guidance systems. There are no substitutes and if there is any supply chain squeezes, the manufacturing of all those convenient and necessary devices that make our life modern, would promptly grind to a halt.