Equity.Guru video: WeedMD (WMD.C) and how cannabis empires aren’t built in a day


If you’ve ever even thought about investing in cannabis, you’ve probablky not heard of WeedMD (WMD.C), at least going by the share price. The company is an outlier amongst chronic underperformers and also-rans, but supporters cheer them loudly online, telling anyone who’ll listen that they should quit automatically putting their money to the big three and give WMD a look.

We know this because we asked. On social media, we asked our readers which company they thought was the most underappreciated, well run, and a diamond in the rough, and WMD came out a clear winner.

So we looked and, yeah,¬†WeedMD has seen huge quarter-over-quarter revenue growth and is ramping up for Cannabis 2.0 coming this winter. The balance sheet isn’t perilous, their rep is growing on the quality side, and they have big plans.

We spoke to WMD CEO Keith Merker in front of his outdoor cannabis crop to get the skinny on what WeedMD is up to, its latest quarter, and how the sector can rebound in the second act.

NOTE: WMD isn’t a client. They didn’t pay for this interview. We were just looking for a good story, and this is one of those.

Tune in!


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