On September 10, 2019 Patriot One (PAT.T) became the “security technology partner” for Bleutech Park Las Vegas, a $7.5 billion Las Vegas Mini-City project that will be the World’s First Net-Zero, Smart, Connected and Safe City.

The partnership with “Bleutech Park” is a big deal”.

It’s like Lamborghini saying, “Let’s use your tires”.

PAT’s “Cognitive Microwave Radar” detects concealed weapons from parking lots to buildings.

“Most incidents occur at locations in which the killers find little impediment in pressing their attack,” states Patriot One. “Locations are generally described as soft targets, that is, they carry limited security measures to protect members of the public.”

The ability to “covertly detect” weapons is critical to PAT’s utility in public environments, that can not be turned into military zones, with visible metal detectors.

Schools, churches, hotels, stadiums…and Safe Cities.

“It’s time to make soft targets hard without impacting citizens’ rights and freedoms,” stated PAT CEO Martin Cronin. “We believe that we have a practical solution to prevent deaths in public places without traumatizing the general population.”

“The $7.5 billion project is set to break ground this December and aims to redefine the infrastructure industry sector,” stated the architectural portal ArchDaily, “The development will be home to a net-zero insular mini-city as a high-tech biome in the desert valley.”

Redefining the mixed-use concept, Bleutech Park includes:

  • workforce housing
  • offices
  • retail space
  • ultra-luxury residential
  • hotel accommodation
  • entertainment areas.

“The new project will be host to wide range of technologies and features,” stated ArchDaily, “including automated multi-functional designs, renewable energies from solar/wind/water/kinetic, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality, the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, supertrees, and self-healing concrete structures.”

Never heard of “Self Healing Concrete”?

It involves embedding bacteria into building material, which can lie dormant for up to 200 years. When the concrete cracks, and moisture seeps in, the bacteria snaps awake – producing limestone that repairs the cracks. Self healing concrete mimics the process carried out by osteoplast cells in our body which repairs bones.

The futuristic innovative world of Bleutech Park is a strategic entry point for the commercialisation of the Patriot One’s technology.

If the concealed-weapons tech can leap-frog past the old world, it may be easier to back-track into it.  The applications in old buildings are almost unlimited.

Universities – for instance – are natural locations for discreet weapons-detection technology.  It is not practical to frisk 15,000 students a day – nor would that be good PR for the university to remind the student population that is vulnerable to a gun attack.

Having an insurance policy against violent crime is an important selling point for the parents of international students who are inundated with media reports of rogue American shooters.

Last winter, a Beijing a factory owner told me he was sending both his children to university in Australia because of his fear of gun violence on U.S campuses.

“Yesterday, Patriot One announced that it has acquired Xtract Technologies and all its related assets in a cash and stock deal worth CAD $6 million and 9,422,956 consideration shares,” reported Equity Guru’s Sam Bourgi.

On July 31, the two companies announced a “collaboration agreement” to explore how artificial intelligence can enhance PATSCAN’s sensor threat protection technology.

“Just over a month ago, we announced a development project with Xtract, and during this period we’ve already seen great progress in significant opportunities for enhanced detection accuracy,” confirmed Martin Cronin, Patriot One’s CEO and President, “With new sales opportunities arising every day for a covertly deployed, multi-sensor security solution, integrating Xtract more deeply into our development and day-to-day operations made perfect sense.”

On August 28, 2019 Bleutech Park Las Vegas gathered with key international technology partners contributing to the “Smart Mini-City” project.

Bleutech Park will be powered by the sun, wind and footsteps, thereby creating its own energy “off-the-grid.”

From footsteps creating energy, to transparent colorful photovoltaic glass for building structures, to fully autonomous robots powered by the use of AI for security delivering innovative threat detection and counter-terrorism solutions.

“Patriot One is honored to be selected as the security technology partner for Bleutech Park, a $7.5b Las Vegas Mini-City project that will be the World’s First Net-Zero, Smart, Connected and Safe City,” stated Martin Cronin, CEO & President of Patriot One Technologies

Cronin recently met with members of Congress, the Department of Homeland Security, Secret Service and Pentagon officials to discuss PATSCAN deployment in a civil liberties and privacy context.

In this podcast, Martin Cronin explains the ambitions of the company with Equity Guru’s Guy Bennett.

PAT recently signed a multi-year reseller agreement for its PATSCAN VRS solution, which automates the detection of weapons and suspicious behaviour. The contract is valued at just under $6.3 million.

—Lukas Kane

Full Disclosure: Patriot One is an Equity Guru marketing client.

Written By:

Lukas Kane

Lukas Kane was previously the CEO of a North American investment news syndicate. He was also the Communication Director for a consortium of publicly traded companies. A Senior Writer at Equity.Guru, Mr. Kane writes about mining, cannabis, energy, technology and biotech.

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