Gaia Grow (GAIA.V) is new entry to the agricultural space, with 1,494 acres growing in southern Alberta.

It’s not a small farm.

But the planted area is equivalent to 1,100 football fields.

The crop is hemp.

Which contains CBD.

CBD has experienced an accelerated consumer adoption-cycle – moving from health fad, to accepted medicine, to mainstream usage in the flutter of a humming bird’s wings.

BDS Analytics forecasts a CBD 49% compound annual growth, bringing the market size to $20 billion by 2024.

Gaia is a 1-month old company with a market cap of $15 million.

Fredrick Pels, the CEO of Gaia Grow, spoke with Equity.Guru’s Guy Bennett about the company’s growing objectives and the development of off-take partners “to ensure a successful sale and extraction process of the harvest.”

Listen in!

Full Disclosure: Gaia Growth is an Equity Guru marketing client

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Lukas Kane

Lukas Kane is a Vancouver-based investor and writer.Previously the CEO of a North American investment news syndicate, Mr. Kane was also the Communication Director for a consortium of resource extraction companies.In the course of his career, he has toured copper mines on the Antagfonasto desert in Chile, potash projects in Saskatchewan, cannabis labs in California and clothing factories in Shenzhen, China. A rudimentary speaker of Mandarin, Mr. Kane’s passions are his family, writing and playing football (real football - with the spherical ball).

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