ParcelPal (PKG.C), Aphria (APHA.T) and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Canada have linked up to deliver medical cannabis throughout Calgary in an effort to keep inebriated drivers off the road.

Calgary is to be the “catalyst city” for PKG and APHA’s pilot run, with patients who purchase from Aphria’s online store receiving their deliveries through ParcelPal’s tech-platform.

The delivery network will extend to the entire city, according to ParcelPal, and the initiative has garnered the support of what might seem like an unlikely sponsor.

Andrew Murie, CEO of Mothers Against Drunk Driving Canada, said their endorsement of ParcelPal’s initiative has been the culmination of an initiative to reduce intoxicated auto-fatalities nearly a year in the making.

“We partnered [with ParcelPal] in the last year. It’s been in place for eight to 10 months,” he said.

Murie says his organization provides training to retail cannabis staff across the country on how to, among other things, ensure deliveries aren’t made to overly intoxicated customers in the same way a bartender can refuse service.

MADD Canada says they “are confident” the program will give medical patients access to cannabis in a safe way while removing the need for potentially inebriated drivers to get on the road.

Murie said the number of car accidents where cannabis was found in the driver’s system is now twice that of alcohol, and Parcelpal’s initiative is a way of keeping stoned drivers safe in the comfort of their own home.

ParcelPal’s goal is to capture a major piece of Canada’s $4B legal cannabis market, and Calgary is to be the beginning.

“The legal cannabis space continues to serve as a sector filled with significant growth potential for ParcelPal. Management believes that we are launching our legal cannabis delivery platform at the ideal time as legislation across the country continues to expand the addressable cannabis marketplace and we are thrilled to be working with Aphria on this exciting new venture that will help to kick off the next evolution of our company,” said ParcelPal CEO, Kelly Abbott.

Aphria is down 0.8% and trading at $8.65 on today’s news while ParcelPal is down 2.6% and trading at $0.19.

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–Ethan Reyes

Full disclosure: ParcelPal is a former marketing client.

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