Equity.Guru video: Trackloop Analytics (TOOL.C) cannabis logistics play puzzles with Fabi Lara


Not much activity, not much trading, more questions than answers. Trackloop Analytics (TOOL.C) works to make cannabis logistics a breeze of compliance and looked like it was well on its way, but it seems like Trackloop is running out of cash and the silence is deafening.

The share structure isn’t diluted terribly but its market cap is well below a million and its thinly traded. Trackloop is going to have to raise more money soon or turn a bunch of pilot program LOIs into on-going definitive agreements.

With a corporate brochure dated back to May 2018 which doesn’t appear to be accessible from the company’s website, Equity.Guru’s own Fabi Lara attempts to piece apart the company, its management and its potential.

Tune in!

Full disclosure: Trackloop Analytics is an Equity.Guru marketing client.

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