Lifestyle Delivery Systems (LDS.C) and TransCanna Holdings (TCAN.C) want to forget about their merger attempt


Lifestyle Delivery Systems (LDS.C) wants so badly for you to forget all about its failed merger with TransCanna Holdings (TCAN.C) that it’s willing to remind you that it’s now selling CannaStrips in 10 dispensaries.

Just move on. Just forget it. It never happened. It’s like getting drunk at your brother’s jack and jill and waking up in the closet with your ex-wife—these things just happen. Now LDS and TCAN will have to see each other at conventions and phew, won’t that be embarrassing. But enough about that.

Here are LDS’s 10 new dispensaries offering CannaStrips:

  • Patient Care First
  • Phenos
  • Doctors Choice
  • Silverstreak Delivery
  • Honest Choice
  • The Higher Conscience
  • The Peoples Remedy (McHenry)
  • LA Kush
  • Safe Capitol Compassion Co-Op
  • LPC Delivery.

LDS has been releasing information about how many dispensaries they’re in for months. We get it. They’ve got dispensaries. What about the merger?

LDS and TCAN are like two lonely single people at a wedding.

Everyone else is mostly paired off, and either successful or on their way. They have revenue streams and build-outs. Meanwhile, both LDS and TCAN have struggled to get off the ground in recent months. Granted TCAN has had much more success at this than LDS, but not nearly enough.

“We believe that the amalgamation of our two companies will ultimately yield a value greater than the current individual values of LDS and TCAN,” said LDS CEO Brad Eckenweiler.

Eh. So maybe this merger made sense in a hot drunken moment. LDS could definitely benefit from new leadership, and TransCanna was facing 12 million shares coming out of lockup and could have used the help.

Source: stockwatch.com.

LDS stock was immediately shredded by investors from $0.315 where they opened July 1 to $0.255 on July 8, and where they are now $0.23 and dropping.

Source: stockwatch.com.

But TCAN clearly got the worst of it, trading at $4.40 when the merger was announced and trading today at $1.37.

Where do we go from here?

LDS would like to remind you that it’s selling their CannaStrips in dispensaries all across California now. Two months ago, CannaStrips, won 1st place honors at Kushstock 7 “Best Edible” competition, held at Adelanto Stadium, California. Also, LDS subsidiary Agrotech has also added more plants to their to their outdoor cultivation farm near Sacramento, California.

On TransCanna’s side, their 196,000-square-foot facility in Modesto, California has the same footprint as 70 regulation tennis courts. They’ve also recently acquired California cannabis marketers, the Goodfellas group, and the rights to Simple Farms and Daily Cannabis Goods, which were two of the company’s in-house brands. In addition, Bioville is a CBD-infused coconut oil owned by Goodfellas.

What both of these companies need for a successful return to form is to put this debacle behind them and face their problems head on. Only then will the memory of this unfortunate drunken Independence Day hookup fade.

—Joseph Morton

Full Disclosure: LDS and Transcanna Holdings are equity.guru marketing clients.

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