Equity.Guru podcast: Hemptown Organics grows buttloads of high-grade hemp on road to IPO


Hemptown Organics is unique in the legalized cannabis sector as the company remained under the public market radar until its operations were actually operational.

Speaking of which, the company brought in 110,000 pounds of feminized hemp biomass in 2018 and purchased one million rare CBG seeds to plant in 2019.

Hemptown also has the confidence of financial institutions, having just over-subscribed a convertible debenture offering for CAD$24 million and its not hard to understand why.

In the first half of this fiscal cycle, Hemptown is reporting the same caliber of revenues as billion-dollar ‘juggernaut’ Cronos Group (CRON.T), but Hemptown has a realistic market cap with room to fly.

Equity.Guru’s own Chris Parry, spoke with Hemptown co-founder, director and president, Michael Townsend, to lift up the hood on the company, its revenue run and its highly anticipated IPO expected in Q4 2019.


Listen in!

Full disclosure: Hemptown Organics is an Equity.Guru marketing client.

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  1. Chris says:

    Hi Chris, i like your podscast very much. the current one with hemptown (Michael Townsend) is extremely hard or even impossible for me to understand because the quality is very bad. There is probably no transcript?

    • Chris Parry says:

      Sadly, no. Google has changed how it handles call recordings so we’re having some issues. Working on a fix.

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