Equity.Guru video: E3 Metals’ (ETMC.V) potentially disruptive lithium extraction tech with Fabi Lara


E3 Metals (ETMC.V) is working to revolutionize lithium extraction utilizing the ‘petro-lithium’ in Alberta’s storied Leduc Formation.

The company’s proprietary ion exchange tech avoids the need for lithium evaporation pools and is expected to do the job in three hours instead of the standard 18 to 24 months.

If the technology works and can be made cost-effective, it will create a whole new way to produce battery-grade lithium that is far friendlier to the environment than traditional hard-rock spodumene mining and standard salar evaporation methodologies.

Equity.Guru’s own Fabi Lara takes time to look at E3 Metals, its leading-edge technology and the company’s potential within the global lithium market.

Tune in!

Full disclosure: E3 Metals is an Equity.Guru marketing client.

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